Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #32.

1.) If a natural disaster left thousands of people homeless, would you let a family of strangers stay in your house?
I haven't really thought about it before but I am sure that I would. Natural disasters aren't something that can be planned before hand and it would be a case of everybody doing what they could. If I was fortunate enough to have my house still standing while other were homeless then of course I would offer to put a roof over a stranger's head.

2.) How often do you watch porn?
Very, very rarely these days. The only porn I get to see these days is when I have a few spare minutes and I get to look for some on the internet. Even then it isn't the best quality because I look for the free stuff rather than pay for something I am never going to use.

3.) How many people have naked or semi-naked pictures of you?
Only 2 that I know of, but given that I post a HNT most weeks there could be any number of people who have pictures of me. I don't mind as long as they enjoy them.

4.) When having sex with someone, have you ever fantasized about someone else? If yes, explain why you were thinking of someone else during sex.
I don't think that I have. When I am having sex with someone then I am there completely for their enjoyment and mine. You get me 100% and my mind isn't wandering off to someone else, or somewhere else.

5.) Is there ever an appropriate time to lie to someone and push yourself off as single when truthfully you're not?
I don't think there is. I have never passed myself off as single and I have always been straight up about my marital status.

6.) Who is one person who has changed your life and how did they change things for you?
Either of my parents would fit into this category and they changed my life just by the values that they gave me, and lived by when I was a child.

7.) How comfortable are you in bed with your current significant other? Do they know all your kinks or do you tend to hold back? Why?
Very comfortable. I do have to hold back from things that I would like to try because I know that Mrs. A is very conservative and would not have a bar of anything she considers dirty or perverted. Even oral sex is a no-no.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TMI Tuesday #54 - Movie Edition

1. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

The last movie I saw was about a month before Christmas and it was "Body of Lies" with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't get to the movies very often so that is quite a recent one for me.

2. What is your favorite movie theater snack?
Definitely popcorn. What else is there to munch on during a movie? Actually, don't answer that.

3. Have you ever snuck in 'outside' food into a theater?
Where I live, we are allowed to bring 'outside' snacks into movies provided it is with in reason.

4. Have you ever made out in a theater?
Yep!! Who hasn't? Isn't that what the back rows are for??

5. What is the 'farthest' you have gone in a theater?
Just a few rows from the front. Any closer than that and I get a headache.
Oh, I see what you mean. In that case it would be what we used to call 'second base'. Lots of kissing and a bit of a feel up.

Bonus (as in optional): What is one of your favorite movie sex scene?
Basic Instinct. Which one, I hear you ask. Well the one that occurs fairly early on in the movie between Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Michael Douglas has so much pent up sexual tension that he literally attacks Jeanne Tripplehorn. It is very forceful, but I recall it being a huge turn on for me when I saw it. Perhaps I have some of that pent up tension?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #31.

1.) Do you drive with your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel?
Mostly. On long drives it often varies just to break the monotony, but generally I find 10 and 2 to be quite comfortable.

2.) How long do you keep cards given to you on birthdays and holidays before throwing them away? If you don't throw them out, what do you do with them?
I have to confess to keeping my old birthday cards. Christmas cards get cut up and recycled as gift tags for next Christmas, but I can't bring myself to throw out old birthday cards and cards with special meanings like Valentines. They sit in the bottom drawer of my bedside table. It's not like I get heaps every year, but the few I do get I tuck away into the drawer when they are finished. I can't ever say I have got them out to look through so I don't know why I keep them. Maybe it's because they were given with love, or perhaps it is because I am a sentimental old softie?

3.) If, when you die, you could will any one of your characteristics to your children (child/future children), what would it be and why?
Perseverance. I don't like things to get the better of me and so I keep working away at them until I conquer the task. This is not always a good thing, but is isn't a bad thing either.

4.) What is the best personality trait you got from your mother and the best personality trait that you got from your father?
The best trait I got from my parents was to not take myself so seriously, and to be able to laugh at myself from time to time.

5.) What is something that you wish you had a better understanding of?
The workings of the female mind. It is still a complete mystery to me and brings me undone time and again.

6.) What makes you nervous?
There are many things that make me nervous. Doctor's appointments, the dentist, snakes, phone calls, ladders. The list goes on, and I have no idea why some of those things set my heart racing, but they do.

7.) What is the strangest household object that you have ever or would ever use for help in masturbation?
I can't recall using any household items to masturbate with. All I need is my hand and maybe a little lubricant. That always works for me.

8.) What do you have sitting on the countertop in your bathroom?
There is some soap in a soap dish, along with the plug for the sink, a box of tissues, a glass holding toothbrushes and toothpaste, and not much else. All other items go in the mirrored cabinet or in the cupboards and drawers under the sink.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TMI Tuesday #53

1. Have you ever dated/married purely for money?
No, I can't say that I ever have. I think that that would be way too shallow, and besides, I don't know anyone with that much money. (Only joking) All my relationships have been based on genuine emotions and feelings and/or physical attractiveness. The size of the bank book has never come into it.

2. What is your type?
I'm not sure that I have a type. If you are asking what sort of girls I am attracted to then I am not sure that even that could be neatly pigeon holed. I do have a weakness for dark haired girls with mocha coloured skin and Spanish accents, but I wouldn't say it was my type because I have never been with one. It's just a fantasy of mine.

3. What is the best sex game you have ever played?
I have played so few sex games that this question would be almost null and void. Spin the bottle and strip poker are about it for me, but I am always ready to be educated...

4. Have you ever given or received an orgasm from a person whose last name you did not know?
Yes. A lady I met for coffee last year turned into an encounter on a quiet nature trail near where we met. We were both only on a first name basis and to this day, even though we haven't met since, we don't know each others surnames or any other details about each other.

5. Have you ever masturbated in front of a sexual partner?
No. I haven't been asked to but perhaps that is something I ought to try. However I will be a bit more tactful than the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's date just takes "it", "out"!

Bonus (as in optional):
At what age do you think men and women reach their sexual peak? Do you think you have hit yours yet?
I am inclined to agree with the generally held opinion of men hitting their peak just before 20, and women reaching theirs around 30. If this is the case then I am well and truly past my peak, even if it doesn't feel like it some days.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #30. - Hypotheticals

1- Times are hard and you get laid off. You turn to the adult entertainment industry and decide to get into sexing it up on camera. You're now a porn star. Even though you now do porn for a living, you still hold on to a little morale, ethics and dignity. What are 3 things, sexually, that you rule out as absolutely not happenings no matter the amount of money?
Participating in Gay Porn. I don't have anything against Gay Porn, but not being gay myself, I don't think I would be very convincing or authentic in it's portrayal. Next would be anything to do with animals or excrement. (perhaps that counts as 2 things?) Finally, anything that is degrading to women. Just because a woman chooses to work in the porn industry doesn't mean she should be treated as anything less than a human being, and those sorts of degrading acts shouldn't be portrayed in porn (imho).

2- Pretend you spent a busy day running errands and come home in the afternoon when no one else is home. You come in, sit things down and head to the kitchen. You find a dead body laying in the kitchen floor. What would you do?
Get out of the house first and foremost in case the killer is still there. Then I am calling the cops and they can take it from there. Of course, I am assuming that it is immediately obvious that the body is dead. If not then I would check because first aid assistance may keep them alive until an ambulance arrives.

3- After some extensive testing, scientists found out you have a special supernatural skill that could be put to use to save 20,000 men and women all over the world. The only catch is after you use it, you will die. If you don't use it, 30,000 people will die but you'll still be alive and won't suffer any illness or strange side effects of your special supernatural skill. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for 20,000 people?
No question about it. 20,000 lives for mine, or 30,000 if I don't. I am going to die eventually anyway (as we all are) and so to be able to save 20,000 people before I go would be an admirable exchange my meagre existence.

4- You are at a concert. A fight breaks out and the person in front of you gets hit by the person beside you. They turn around and think it's you and no amount of reasoning will convince them otherwise. They are taller by several inches and outweigh you by around 50 pounds. You are about to get punched and possibly manhandled. How do you get out of it and avoid injury?
Run!! I have never been one for physical aggression and I like the saying 'he who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day.' Nothing is going to be achieved by me staying and copping a beating, so I am out of there.
5- You're having a dinner party with your close friends. One close friend asks if it is fine if they bring a date along. You ask your friend if their date is someone they trust to act well mannered and respectful to others. Your friend sings the praises of their date and you agree to let them bring their date to the dinner party. Once there, their date turns out to be crude, obnoxious, disrespectful and all around a real vile ass to be around. Do you tough it out and later apologize to your other guests? Pull your friend aside and tell them to reign in their date? Confront the friends date about their vile behavior?
I would probably tough it out and apologise later. Confrontation may make a bad situation worse. I would also be having words to my friend about his date's behaviour and letting them know that it is not acceptable in the future.

6- You go to the grocery store and bump carts with a woman. She gets angry and chants at you in gibberish. She smiles, informing you that she has cursed you to never have sex again unless you pay for it. You roll your eyes and walk off. 2 years later and you haven't had any sexual contact with another person since that day. Do you start paying for sex or just never have sexual contact with another person again?
I don't believe in curses, but after 2 years I might start to wonder what was going on. Maybe I would pay for it, just once or twice, to get the ball rolling again.

7- Your really good friend is going to their grandmother's house for dinner and invites you along. You make sure it is fine with their grandmother and she says to come along if you like, she has made more than enough food to feed you too. You go. While there, you accidentally break something extremely valuable to your friends grandmother. Do you hide it and pretend nothing every happened or come clean?
I'm coming clean. I tell my kids that it is better to be upfront about things like that because the repercussions are usually worse further down the track, and you always get found out eventually. I'll set the example and follow my own advice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TMI Tuesday #52

I am back from my 2 week Summer beach vacation which ran from Christmas until the later part of last week. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit my HNT's which I scheduled before I left. What better way to start the year of than with a round of TMI. I have a feeling that I have already answered the questions that were posted for this week, so I went with last week's questions since I didn't get to play along last week. Hope nobody minds too much?

'Would you rather...' edition

1. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you dislike/don't get along with?
Alone. I don't mind my own company and I think it would be preferable to spending my time with someone I disliked or didn't get along with.

2. Would you rather accidentally walk in on your parents having sex or have them walk in on you?
I don't even want to think about my parents having sex, let alone walk in and see it and have that image burned into my memory for life, so I would opt to have them walk in on me. That is easier for me to deal with.

3. Would you rather be snapped by paparazzi during a nipple slip or while exiting a car with out any underwear?
(guys, consider similar circumstances)
I think a nipple slip would be less embarrassing than a 'no undies' shot, particularly if it is likely to finish up on the cover of some trashy gossip mag. Nipple slip for me.

4. Would you rather not have sex for two years or not be able to use the Internet for two years?
No Internet for me. I would miss it but I am sure I could find something else to do. No sex for 2 years doesn't bear thinking about, although my life often resembles this scenario.

5. Would you rather find true love or 1 million dollars?
This is a hard one. True love is worth more than any dollar amount, and yet 1 million dollars can buy an awful lot of fun, love and happiness. I know I should say true love, but right at this moment in time I think I would take the money. The question doesn't state whether the true love will last and I couldn't take another heart break right now.

Bonus (as in optional): If you had to choose *one* sexual position for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
I have many favourite positions, but if forced to choose just one for the rest of my life I would opt for the missionary position. I like this one because I can look into my partner's eyes in this position, and it also allows her to stimulate my nipples which is a real turn on for me. I also like the full body contact that this position affords.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HNT #33 - The Best Of 2008.

Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don't know where I am goin' to.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don't need a reason why.
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
Coz every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

- billy gibbons, dusty hill & frank beard (ZZ Top).

This was one of my favourite HNT's of the year, and judging by the amount of comments it received it must have been fairly popular with some of my readers. I think it is worthy of a repeat viewing, if only for the fact that it was my first click through (thanks again to Ro for showing me how), and it was the first one I based around song lyrics, a theme I have continued up to the present day. Hopefully the new year will provide me the opportunity and creativity to present more HNT's to you.

Happy New Year everybody, and go see Os to check out the rest of the 'Best of 2008'