Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #30. - Hypotheticals

1- Times are hard and you get laid off. You turn to the adult entertainment industry and decide to get into sexing it up on camera. You're now a porn star. Even though you now do porn for a living, you still hold on to a little morale, ethics and dignity. What are 3 things, sexually, that you rule out as absolutely not happenings no matter the amount of money?
Participating in Gay Porn. I don't have anything against Gay Porn, but not being gay myself, I don't think I would be very convincing or authentic in it's portrayal. Next would be anything to do with animals or excrement. (perhaps that counts as 2 things?) Finally, anything that is degrading to women. Just because a woman chooses to work in the porn industry doesn't mean she should be treated as anything less than a human being, and those sorts of degrading acts shouldn't be portrayed in porn (imho).

2- Pretend you spent a busy day running errands and come home in the afternoon when no one else is home. You come in, sit things down and head to the kitchen. You find a dead body laying in the kitchen floor. What would you do?
Get out of the house first and foremost in case the killer is still there. Then I am calling the cops and they can take it from there. Of course, I am assuming that it is immediately obvious that the body is dead. If not then I would check because first aid assistance may keep them alive until an ambulance arrives.

3- After some extensive testing, scientists found out you have a special supernatural skill that could be put to use to save 20,000 men and women all over the world. The only catch is after you use it, you will die. If you don't use it, 30,000 people will die but you'll still be alive and won't suffer any illness or strange side effects of your special supernatural skill. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for 20,000 people?
No question about it. 20,000 lives for mine, or 30,000 if I don't. I am going to die eventually anyway (as we all are) and so to be able to save 20,000 people before I go would be an admirable exchange my meagre existence.

4- You are at a concert. A fight breaks out and the person in front of you gets hit by the person beside you. They turn around and think it's you and no amount of reasoning will convince them otherwise. They are taller by several inches and outweigh you by around 50 pounds. You are about to get punched and possibly manhandled. How do you get out of it and avoid injury?
Run!! I have never been one for physical aggression and I like the saying 'he who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day.' Nothing is going to be achieved by me staying and copping a beating, so I am out of there.
5- You're having a dinner party with your close friends. One close friend asks if it is fine if they bring a date along. You ask your friend if their date is someone they trust to act well mannered and respectful to others. Your friend sings the praises of their date and you agree to let them bring their date to the dinner party. Once there, their date turns out to be crude, obnoxious, disrespectful and all around a real vile ass to be around. Do you tough it out and later apologize to your other guests? Pull your friend aside and tell them to reign in their date? Confront the friends date about their vile behavior?
I would probably tough it out and apologise later. Confrontation may make a bad situation worse. I would also be having words to my friend about his date's behaviour and letting them know that it is not acceptable in the future.

6- You go to the grocery store and bump carts with a woman. She gets angry and chants at you in gibberish. She smiles, informing you that she has cursed you to never have sex again unless you pay for it. You roll your eyes and walk off. 2 years later and you haven't had any sexual contact with another person since that day. Do you start paying for sex or just never have sexual contact with another person again?
I don't believe in curses, but after 2 years I might start to wonder what was going on. Maybe I would pay for it, just once or twice, to get the ball rolling again.

7- Your really good friend is going to their grandmother's house for dinner and invites you along. You make sure it is fine with their grandmother and she says to come along if you like, she has made more than enough food to feed you too. You go. While there, you accidentally break something extremely valuable to your friends grandmother. Do you hide it and pretend nothing every happened or come clean?
I'm coming clean. I tell my kids that it is better to be upfront about things like that because the repercussions are usually worse further down the track, and you always get found out eventually. I'll set the example and follow my own advice.

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Amorous Rocker said...

Save for the gay porn (because I'm all for lesbian porn) I'm with you on #1. :)

I don't believe in curses either. That would totally suck though!

I'm with you on 7 too! It's a damn good lesson to pass on. :)

Happy Wednesday darlin'!