Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eve - The Finale

So here we were, laying naked next to each other on the bed. I didn't want to stare at her but I couldn't stop my eyes from feasting on the banquet of beauty that lay before me. I reached over and touched her. She was real. I ran my hand over her small firm breast and it felt good. I squeezed her rosy pink nipple and it tightened a little between my fingers. She leaned toward me and we began to kiss.

Basic desire took over and our hands began to explore each other's bodies. I held her face as we kissed and then ran my hands down over her shoulders to her chest. I fondled and rubbed her breasts before leaning down to kiss one. Eve lifted my face back up to hers and we kissed again. Her hands were rubbing my chest and teasing my nipples, then she slid her hand south to my cock. It was rigid and hard and she lightly ran her fingers along my shaft. I moaned slightly and she wrapped her fingers around my pulsing cock and squeezed. It felt like heaven, and then she began to work her hand up and down my member. "Oh my god", how good it felt.

She stopped kissing me and looked down at my cock.
"I want to suck you", she whispered.
"Be my guest", I thought, but she didn't need an invitation. She was already on her way. Holding my cock in her fist she began to lick at the head. Precum was oozing out and her tongue lapped at it the way a kitten laps milk. Then she opened her lips and slid them over the head. Her tongue swirled and she sucked at my throbbing member. I could feel it growing bigger if that was at all possible. The skin seemed stretched to splitting point. She took more and more of me into her mouth, sucking me up and down while one hand held the shaft and the other gently massaged my balls. My arousal grew and my hips were rocking in time with her motion. She had me fully in her mouth now and she was working the whole of my cock with her tongue and lips. I could feel myself building to a climax but I didn't want it to end just yet. I reached down to her face and lifted it away from my cock.
"My turn", I said and she smiled at me.

She rolled onto her back and I went to her breasts. They were small and firm, just right for her body. I cupped them and ran my fingers over the nipples, then I kissed one and sucked the nipple into my mouth. Running my tongue over the soft pink bud I could feel it harden. The other responded the same way when I attended to it. After a few minutes of teasing her nipples I began to kiss my way down her torso. Past her belly button I arrived at a light crop of ginger pubic hair. It was soft and short and I could see her moist slit lying within. She parted her legs and I sat between them. Kissing and nibbling her inner thighs I worked closer and closer to her pussy. Then I parted her ginger hair and kissed her wet lips. Her juices were flowing and she gasped as I opened her folds. Slowly I licked her from pussy to clit with a broad soft tongue, just as a child would savour that first lick of an ice-cream. She gasped again as my tongue ran over her clit. I worked her, long and slow at first, building to shorter, faster licks, and finally quick flicks over her swollen clit. I slid a finger into her, and then two and began to finger fuck her as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her hips were thrusting back and forth and it became harder to maintain contact with her clit. Her hands had started by holding my head but were now at her breasts as she tweaked and played with her nipples. Suddenly she gave a long, low moan and her pussy gripped at my fingers. I licked at her clit and she came in a shuddering, moaning orgasm. Her pussy pulsated and her juices ran over my fingers and hand as her hips fell back to the bed.

She wanted me in her straight away and she pulled me up from between her legs. My cock slid easily into her soft, wet cunt and I started to fuck her. She rocked back and forth and ran her hands down my back and up my chest. I was so turned on and I began to pound my cock into her. I could feel my balls hitting against her and I could hear the sound of a satisfied cunt taking a hard fuck. She felt so good and I could still taste her on my lips as I drove myself into her, harder and faster. Then everything seemed to stop. I was about to come. I wanted to pull out and shoot my load across her belly but I just couldn't co-ordinate it. I was lost in the moment and suddenly I was grunting as my hot seed was pumped into her. It seemed unending as I ground myself into her but eventually it stopped. She pulled me down onto her and kissed me.
"Thank you", she whispered.

We lay there for a while, basking in the afterglow and touching each other tenderly, but eventually we had to get up, shower and get dressed. After all, we did have to vacate the room by a certain time. Eve told me she had had the most intense orgasm that she could remember and that her husband had never treated her like that. It was an afternoon she would remember for a long time. I said pretty much the same thing and that today was especially memorable. We both agreed that this would be the first of many such encounters. We let ourselves out of the room and kissed as we locked the door. Eve went to return the key and collect her deposit as I walked across the car park to my car.

I never saw Eve again after that day. I spoke to her once on the phone a few days later and she was having a hard time justifying what we had done. She was feeling terribly guilty and while not regretting our meeting, she didn't think she could do it again. I often think about Eve and how she is going. I still have her number and maybe I will call her one day. Me, I had a few guilty thoughts afterward but the sheer thrill of it all far out weighed the negatives. The genie was out of the bottle and there was no going back. I had to have more of this wonderful experience and I would actively seek it out from now on.


We're Only Animals said...

Thanks Adam for filling me in at last - well writen horny story that got my lips tingling x

Adam Apple said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoyed Eve as much as I did.

We're Only Animals said...

Adam, thanks again for stopping by my blog, loved your comments. Please update yours soon - I just secret sexy stories!!