Thursday, October 25, 2007

Supersize Me

'Marge' was large. That isn't being unkind but it is the best word to describe her. Everything about her was large, including her sexual appetite. She was also my second piece of forbidden fruit.

I met Marge through an internet dating site. It had been some months since I had been with Eve and I was beginning to wonder if she was to be my one and only. I couldn't bear the thought of not getting to taste the fruit again so I posted a profile on a dating site and Marge was the only reply I received during the brief trial period. After a few phone calls we had arranged to meet at her place one morning.

She would easily be the biggest woman that I have fucked and if I didn't want to feel the thrill of forbidden sex again I probably would have turned her down. But the craving was gnawing at my being and here was a woman who wanted me to fuck her, so how could I turn her down?

As soon as I arrived at her place she took me through to the bedroom to get started. It felt a little odd at first, but we both knew why we were there and it didn't take long to get warmed up. Her blouse came off first, followed quickly by her bra. Acres of white flesh was exposed and it was a little daunting. There was so much of her to enjoy. Her breasts were huge and each nipple was bigger than some of my lady friends whole tit. I stuffed what I could into my mouth and sucked away like a kid in a candy store. Armfuls of lovely tit to pleasure.

Marge wanted her share of fun, too, so she pulled off my shorts and boxers and went to work on my cock. Down on her knees she sucked and licked my rigid pole, running her fat hands over my thighs, buttocks and balls. She had obviously sucked a few cocks before because she knew how to pleasure one.

After sucking my cock for what seemed like ages, she stood up and slid off her skirt. She was wearing a black lace g-string. I was surprised that they made them in such sizes but I guess big girls like to feel sexy, too. I pulled it down and the thin gusset of cotton appeared from the white pillows of her thighs. It was wet. She lay back and spread her massive thighs and I could see her shaved pussy waiting for me. Without hesitation I went down on her. I love sucking and licking pussy and I will do it anywhere, anytime.

My hands parted her folds and her pinkish, red flesh awaited me. Her juices were flowing and it tasted delicious. I took my time to lick and suck her while my fingers slid in and out of her wet cunt. When she finally pulled me up from her pussy my face was slick with her juices. It was on my chin, my cheeks and my nose but it didn't stop her from kissing me and tasting herself on my lips. She was almost at climax so I entered her quickly.

It didn't take much fucking for her to cum and the tremor ran through her body like an earthquake. Her hands gripped my buttocks and she pulled me into her, harder and faster. I lifted up on my arms and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and each thrust I made sent a wobble through the flesh below me. Buried between those thighs I gave my final few pumps before I came. She pulled me in hard so that every drop was pumped into her.

We lay and talked for a while before showering and getting dressed. I haven't been back to Marge but that is not because I didn't enjoy her. Somebody else came along, but I will tell you about her later. One of these days I may look Marge up again because writing about her has stirred some pleasant memories, among other things. She was an important step in the Temptation of Adam. The first one can be a fluke, a mistake, a coincidence, but the second is definite and there is no turning back now.


anna louise said...

I think its a passionate lover that makes sex good.Someone who wants it as much as you do.I never see size as an issue.I find im attracted to different looking people.

Adam Apple said...

Anna, you are right and to me, size is never an issue. I tend to judge people for who they are and not how they look. Marge was a large lady and at first I found that intimidating. That along with the fact that I was cheating on Mrs A and Marge was cheating on her partner gave me initial thoughts of calling off the meeting. It wasn't meant to sound like it was just because of her size. She was an extremely passionate lover.