Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Close Shave

Gee, I have been slack lately. Seems the only post I have managed to get up has been the weekly TMI's. It has just been so busy as the silly season kicks into top gear. I don't see it getting any better over the next few weeks so I will just have to do the best that I can.

The last week or so, I have read many posts about shaving of the nether regions. Mostly this was due to TMI asking about the acceptability of stubble, but it was preceded by Renee in her post 'step away from the razor...'. In it she spoke of her husband's lack of offering to assist her in the trimming of her pussy. She says, "I thought that was a fantasy for a lot of men", but apparently her husband is not one of them. Well, for me, it is a fantasy of mine, however, Mrs A. will not allow me to participate in this act. Not that she completely shaves her pussy, but she takes care of it herself and refuses to let me be involved. I have offered on numerous occasions, only to be turned down. It seems if I am to participate in such an event then it will have to be outside the marital scene.

I have thought about this, and the whole fantasy about shaving a pussy seems to stem from my formative teenage years. I can clearly remember going through my father's stack of girlie magazines and one particular storyline standing out. I must have flicked through it a dozen times as I can still remember it all these years later. It was a pictorial about a lady and a man who were playing a game of pool together. The woman lost the game and as part of his winnings, the man got to shave the lady's pussy.

She took off all her clothes, and then sat on the pool table and opened her legs. She had quite a hairy snatch as we are talking about the late '70's. The man lathered up a shaving brush and applied a thick, creamy foam over her pussy. Then he took a cut-throat razor and proceeded to shave her pubic hair away. Stroke for stroke this was captured in glorious colour for my viewing pleasure. In the end, he wiped her clean with a towel and she was exposed for the world to see. Powerful images for a such a young mind.

Many years later, I still long to be able to re-create such scenes. I would love to part a lady's legs and gently apply shave foam to her fur. massage it in with my fingers, and ensure an even coating. Then take a razor and slowly remove her covering, one stroke at a time. Finish her off with a warm face washer, and then sit back to admire my handiwork along with her uncovered pleasures. I would have to sample the closeness of my cut by nestling my face against her freshly shaven skin and pushing my tongue between her folds. I know it would feel so good that I would have to spend hours pleasuring her, just so I could feel her naked skin next to my cheeks, and upon my lips. I wouldn't mind returning the favour and allowing her to shave me and then sample her work. Then, perhaps, we could bring our new skin together and feel the wonderful sensation of skin on skin.

Any volunteers??


anna louise said...

You can shave mine anytime.I've often let men shave me.It does take longer generally because they get carried away doing other things.

Adam Apple said...

Anna Louise- one day I hope I can take you up on your very kind offer.

Anonymous said...

that picture is amazing. The closest I've seen anything like this is on blogs like yours. My wife deos not shave down there, only the top sometimes, but rarely. It grosses me out actually. I mean, if you do your armpits, why not the genital area? At least your wife takes care of it more. the thing is, with no roal, no shaving, do we check it all in to get it or suffer along and enjoy the little we do get. Sorry, it makes me mad!! I'm sick of being so conservative.