Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wet Wednesday

Hey, look at this, my second post in as many days. That is some kind of record for me. I promise that I will do better in the New Year, but it just seems I have no time to myself at the moment with the silly season upon us.
I thought I would have a go at this Meme that I found the other day. Check it out here.

1. what is the longest you have gone without sex involuntarily? as in, you wanted to, but you couldn't for whatever reason?
That would be about 9 months, or maybe even a year. It was quite a while ago now and was while Mrs A. was pregnant and just after the birth of our first child. She just didn't want me near her pregnant body.

2. what was the longest time period you've had to wait for oral sex, and was it worth the wait? why or why not?
I am always waiting for oral sex. Mrs A. doesn't approve of oral sex as she thinks it is inappropriate to bring your mouth into contact with 'those areas'. So prior to starting on my side projects it would have been many years since I had my cock sucked, or since I tasted pussy. Of course the wait was worth it, I mean to say, who ever heard of a guy complaining cos he got a bad BJ??

3. what was the longest time period between when you were supposed to have sex (for instance, you'd made a date for it), and when you actually had it? did the wait make it a better experience?
Nothing springs to mind like the present. I am trying to arrange to meet a 'friend' that I met quite a while ago. We both want to get together but it is proving very difficult at the moment with Christmas just around the corner and kids on summer holidays. I just know that it will be worth it when we finally meet up.


anna louise said...

Its seems many people dont like oral sex.I was married to a man who wouldnt lick pussy,however he liked having his cock sucked.
So,i had to get my pussy licked elsewhere

Valyna said...

Sorry to hear the Mrs is anti-oral :( That's just sad...

Adam Apple said...

Anna Louise & Valyna- yes it is a bit sad as I love oral SO much and I have tried to convert her, but to no avail.
As you can gather, I have resorted to seeking pleasure elsewhere as it is just too nice to ignore :)