Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is likely that this will be my last post of the year.

One of the advantages of living in the southern hemisphere is that Christmas falls during our summer. This makes it an ideal time to take some time off and escape for a week or two. That is exactly what I intend to do as my family and I head off on our annual summer vacation. We will spend the next 2 weeks at a little coastal community about 6 hours drive from where I live in The Garden of Eden. There is very little to do there except relax, read a book or two, enjoy the beach, and watch all the lovely ladies in their bikinis and swimming costumes. I have several good books to take with me, and I may get a few more for Xmas, and the new Eagles CD, 'Long Road Out of Eden', seems appropriate in both title and mood. It has been on constant rotation since I purchased it a few weeks back and the music is perfect for those long, summer days, chillin' on the sand.

I want to thank everybody who has stopped by since I started blogging a few months ago. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe New Year. I look forward to sharing some more of my adventures with you in 2008. Secretly, I am hoping that something may happen while I am away that will be worthy of a post or two.

Here's hoping that Santa gets to empty his sack at your place this Christmas, and that all your stockings get nicely stuffed with the things you like.



Renee said...

Hope you are having a great Christmas vacation!


Zoely said...

Happy Holidays!

anna louise said...

I hope you had a great christmas and new year

Valyna said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)