Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Summer Romance

I am back from 2 wonderful weeks away. I managed to read a few books while I was away, and I have returned well rested, and certainly well fucked. Everything I had hoped for came to pass while I had a blissful fortnight on Summer holidays. As you can gather, I met a lovely lady while I was away and she was as keen for a little Summer Romance as I was.

I shall call her 'Holly' because she was my holiday lover. Holly is middle-aged and hails from Essex in England. What is it about girls from Essex? I read all sorts of jokes and remarks on the Internet about 'Essex girls', but I wonder why they are the subject of such humour. Holly didn't know the answer either, so perhaps one of my English readers might be able to shed some light on the matter.

Anyway, as I said, Holly is in her 40's and she was holidaying here in Australia with her husband and 2 teenage daughters. She first came to my attention one morning as I sat on the beach watching my kids play and build sandcastles. She set up her towel near where I was sitting and while the rest of her family went in for a swim, she proceeded to apply sun screen to herself. I was watching her over the top of my paperback and enjoyed seeing her rub the cream into her white skin. I guess she must have seen me because she made quite a show of it, before lying down to bathe in the sun's warmth. I kept glancing over at her during the morning, but she didn't do much else apart from roll from front to back. When it came time to leave, I walked past her and gave her a smile.
"See you tomorrow", I said, and then quickly looked around to see where my wife was. Holly didn't say anything, but she did smile back.

(not Holly, but similar)

The next day was the same scenario, with Holly setting up near me again, only this time she undid her bather top and squirted sun screen across her breasts and slowly rubbed it in. I tried not to stare but what is a guy to do when this is happening right next to him on a fairly quiet beach. So I enjoyed the display and lay face down on my towel for a while, waiting for things to go down before heading for a swim to cool myself down a little. Holly's actions didn't escape Mrs A's attention and she referred to her as 'a slut who didn't need to do that on a public beach.' I made certain to smile at Holly as I left the beach that day.

Later that afternoon I was at the bakery buying some bread when I met up with Holly again. We made small talk about 'rolls' and 'buns' in a semi suggestive way, and then she came out with something that changed the whole landscape of my holiday.
"Would you like to come over for a coffee tomorrow morning?" she asked.
"Umm! Sure", I answered "But we might be going to the beach again."
"I won't be at the beach tomorrow", she said, and proceeded to tell me about how her husband and daughters were going on a morning ocean cruise with the friends they were staying with. She suffered sea sickness and had opted to stay home . . . alone. Then she gave me the address of the unit where they were staying and said, "Think about, and hopefully I see you in the morning." Then she gave me a smile and was gone.

All night I kept thinking of Holly, and the way she squirted cream across her breasts, and I knew that I would have to call around for coffee that morning, just to see what eventuated. I would not be able to forgive myself if I passed up an opportunity like this.

In the morning I complained of an upset stomach and suggested that I might stay in the unit instead of going to the beach. At the most I might go to the pool for a dip, but I probably wouldn't be much fun if I went with the family. They agreed and left for the beach without me. Ten minutes after they had left, I was headed for Holly's unit.

To be continued...


Valyna said...

There is much to be said about conversations involving rolls and buns... can't wait for more :)


Adam Apple said...

I know Valyna, you can't beat a 'roll' with someone with nice 'buns'. The next part is not too far away.