Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Wet Wednesday is another meme that I like to participate in every now and then. This set of questions got my juices flowing (so to speak) so I just had to join in. If you want to participate, just head on over to Wet Wednesday and share in the fun.

1. Is pregnancy sex a turn-on for you? why or why not?
I find the idea of sex with a pregnant woman to be very exciting indeed. I'm not sure what it is that turns me on about pregnant women, but I find their bodies to be incredibly attractive, particularly in the middle trimester. I like the way a woman's body changes during pregnancy. I love the fullness of her breasts, and the swelling of her stomach as new life begins inside.

2. If you've been pregnant, did your sex drive increase or decrease? if you're male, has your partner's drive changed when they're pregnant?
I'm not sure if Mrs A's sex drive diminished or not, but we pretty well ceased having sex as soon as she found out she was pregnant. I believe that she didn't want to take any chances with something going wrong, particularly with our second as it took so long to conceive. Anyways, I was on 'self serve' for the duration of both pregnancies, and it didn't get any better immediately afterwards (see next question).

3. Most doctors advise waiting six weeks before having intercourse (i barely lasted four with my second). did you take their advice?
Mrs A went well beyond the 6 week recommendation. As she had C-section for both births, it was quite a while before I was allowed to partake of those pleasures. In fact, since our second nearly 4 years ago, sex has only been an intermittent occurrence in this household, and hence the subject matter for this blog came into being. I mean to say, we are all human, and Chastity is not a virtue I can embrace...

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