Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #11

My first Wednesday Weirdness for a fortnight. I like some of the questions from the weeks that I missed so I am thinking that I might go back and do them at a later stage. Click HERE if you want to join Wednesday Weirdness.

1.) What material is your favorite for bed sheets?
An absolute favourite would be silk sheets, however they do tend to be a bit slippery and it is hard to get good purchase during sex, but for total indulgence they are hard to go past. For everyday use I love lightly starched and pressed cotton sheets, the type that you usually find in good quality hotel rooms. I don't get them at home as Mrs A refuses to iron or starch sheets, but I guess that is what makes holidays and business trips that much more enjoyable. Of course, a 'friend' to enjoy the sheets with is always an added bonus.

2.) How often do you masturbate?
Not very often these days. There always seems to be another family member around because that is the joy of having children. I am not someone who can just have a quick one in the shower or bathroom as I like to enjoy it and get the full fantasy thing going on. All of that takes time, but when I can get time alone I make sure I use it to it's full advantage.

3.) What takes you the longest to do while showering? (IE shaving, washing hair, etc)
I am very quick in the shower. I have short hair so it doesn't take long to wash and I mostly shave with an electric razor (not in the shower for obvious reasons). Often there is someone else waiting to use the bathroom so prolonged showering is not encouraged. If I do get the chance to indulge then it would be using the pumice on my heels and feet that would take the longest time (and it feels good, too).

4.) What do you think is the right amount of foreplay? Do you spend enough time readying your partner for sex?
With Mrs A. sex has to be quick to accommodate her fear of being caught by the kids, so long amounts of foreplay are generally not on the agenda. When I am with other ladies I like the foreplay to last for as long as possible. It is so much fun to pleasure each other and ready one another for the final act that it is almost a shame that it has to end. Can there ever be too much foreplay? I don't think so.

5.) Who tends to initiate sex more when you are in a relationship?
In my marriage I just wait for Mrs A. to let me know when she is up for it. I have long since given up trying to initiate sex only to be turned away time after time. It's an understanding now that she will tell me when she wants it (and that isn't very often). When having dalliances with other ladies then it is a case of taking it when the opportunity arises.

6.) What birth control do you use?
I affectionately say that I have been to the vet to be fixed, so birth control is not an issue any longer. However, safe sex cannot be ignored.

7.) What is one thing your partner could do in bed that would instantly turn you off?
Nothing springs to mind. Mrs A.'s continual rejections of my advances were a turn off for a while as she would know just how to pour cold water on my hot fires, but now that I know not to offer I no longer have to suffer the knock back. I was going to say wearing socks to bed but further consideration leads me to think that under some circumstances it could be sexy so I'll refrain calling it a turn off.


Macabre Girl said...

I love silk sheets.

I too need time to masturbate. Quick bouts are not for me unless I need a release terribly.

Thigh high socks are HOT and definitely not a turn off, in my opinion.

Thank you for playing! Happy Weird Wednesday. :)

Dana said...

Can there ever be too much foreplay? I don't think so.

I'm right there with you! I think, when done right, foreplay is the best part of the entire sex act.

I have long since given up trying to initiate sex only to be turned away time after time.

Seems you and I are in the same type of marriage! My condolences *giggle*

Southpaw said...

Hi, Adam!
Sox are hot!! LOL
First time I've visited your blog. Your marriage sounds similar to the one I had! :/
My answers are Here

Amorous Rocker said...

Silk sheets are nice but I just can't fuck or sleep on them. I slide around too much. They are nice though.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who brings out the pumice in the shower from time to time. =D

Great answers! Happy Wednesday!

Adam Apple said...

Macabre Girl- Thigh high socks! I knew there was a reason I didn't say socks. Thigh high socks would be so HOT!!

Dana & Southpaw- Seems there are a few of us in similar situations. It's a pity we all don't live closer ;)

AR- That's the only problem with silk sheets. They are just too sheer. Pumice users of the world, unite!