Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #18 - Weight Watchers Edition.

Wednesday Weirdness for this week on the subject of bodies and weight. Oh boy! What a topic. Don't get me started on body image issues. If you want to play along then click HERE.

1. Are you happy with how much you weigh? Why or Why not?
My current weight is not too bad (about 75 kgs). If I could, I would like to weigh maybe 5 kgs more, but only if it was muscle and not fat.

2. Have you ever been at a weight you are happy with?
Yes, I am happy with where my weight is right now. I have been a little heavier and I have also been a lot lighter, but neither of those was a weight I was particularly happy with.

3. Are you currently on a diet now? If yes, describe.
No. I don't subscribe to diets. I believe in eating healthy foods all the time (although the odd indulgence in chocolate or fast food never hurt anybody) and taking everything in moderation.

4. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to lose weight?
I have never had a situation where I have had to lose weight. Generally I am on the light end of the scales anyway, so I have never had to do anything crazy to lose weight. The worst weight loss situation I have had would be when I was quite sick about 10 years ago and I lost an unhealthy amount of weight just through the illness. It is not something I would recommend.

5. What is your favorite thing about your body?
Ummm!! I don't really have one, but if pushed I would say that my legs are OK.

6. What is your least favorite thing about your body?
Only one thing? Gee, I wouldn't know where to start. I have always thought that I look too thin so I would like a bit more meat (muscle) on my bones, but it seems I don't have the right type of body for building lean muscle easily. Also, my facial features always appear crooked to me so I hate looking at pictures or videos of myself. And my hair never sits right. It grows in different directions and always looks messy no matter what I do with it, so I tend to keep it cut short. Another thing ... I had better stop here or this post could go on forever as I discuss my short comings. I told you I had body image issues.


M said...

I like the messy hair look :)

..and I have no idea how much 75kg is...

Baby said...

You are now the 2nd person that I've read that could use to gain a tiny bit... such lucky people!!!! LOL... You have got to stop hating looking at your photos and videos of yourself!!! Happy WW!