Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TMI Tuesday #56

1. What do you think is the un-sexiest part of the body?
Feet. Sure some people have nice feet, but I wouldn't say feet are particularly sexy. At least I don't find them to be so.

2. Toilet paper: over, under, or what the hell are you talking about?
Over. It doesn't seem right to have it under.

3. Have you ever called in sick to stay in bed with a sexual partner?
I can't say that I ever have. It would be nice to have that opportunity at some time.

4. Did your parents have a "birds & bees" talk with you? If so, at what age?
I don't remember having that talk with my parents. I seem to recall that it was explained by a nervous male teacher during Sex Ed in my early high school years.

5. What is one thing a someone could do to you to rock your world?
Of a sexual nature it is hard to go past having my nipples played with or licked, but a blow job might just come close. Non-sexual, a back massage is pretty darn good.

Bonus (as in optional):What does sex mean to you?
A connection of mind, body and spirit. Two people totally there for the enjoyment of each other as well as themselves.


Bunny said...

So the toilet paper is correctly hung over Down Under?

SO agree on the feet. Ugh.

Mariposa said...

I say over for #2 too!

And, LOVE your bonus!