Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #35.

1. What is the most exciting part of a sexual encounter for you?
Definitely the build up. The flirting, the knowing glances, the teasing and innuendo. And I'll include foreplay in there as well because I consider that to be part of the build up.

2. What is your favorite way to relax after sex?
A good snuggle never goes astray. Lying there, wrapped in each others arms, tracing meaningless patterns with lazy, trailing fingers on the others skin. And then eventually falling off to sleep.

3. Do you find sex with someone you have emotional attachment with to be better than casual fucking with someone you don't have emotional attachment with?
I do find that sex with someone I share an emotional attachment with to be better than casual fucking, but that is not to say that casual fucking doesn't have it's place. A casual encounter can result in some wonderful sex too.

4. What was the last really horrible movie you watched? (At home, theater, etc)
Mamma Mia! I watched it at home because Mrs A. wanted to see it and it was the biggest load of meaningless fluff and filler that I have had to sit through in a long while.

5. What are 3 things some one could do or say during foreplay that would kill the mood for you?
Having open sores or wounds.

6. Where do you think the best place to buy sexy lingerie is? Why?
I have never bought sexy lingerie so I wouldn't have a clue. I'm guessing that Victoria's Secret would be pretty good but I don't think they have stores Down Under (or at least in my part of Down Under).

7. Do you think how a person dances gives you a glimpse to how they perform in bed?
I've never really thought about it before but I suppose someone with good rhythm on the dance floor could also have some good bedroom moves. I'm not convinced that the 2 are necessarily related though.

8. When was the last time you got served breakfast in bed?
Father's Day. Generally though, I am not a big lover of breakfast in bed.

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Amorous Rocker said...

Mama Mia, I never saw it or even wanted to, lol. I rarely have any interest at all in "chick flicks" though.

Love your answers, like always. Happy Wednesday!