Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #41.

1. Is April 1st a fun day, or an annoyance?
I think it is good fun. I like trying to spot the pranks, and even though I know it is April 1, I still get fooled sometimes.

2. What is the best prank you ever pulled or had pulled on you?
I have told this story before but it is worthy of a retell.
The best April Fools joke that I was involved in took place many years ago. I used to work in the catering section of a large metropolitan hospital and just before the end of the month, one of the employees from our department contracted chicken pox. A few people couldn't remember if they had had it as a child and worried that they may become sick as well. Myself and another staff member concocted an April Fool. On the morning of April 1 a memo arrived with some specimen jars and asked that all staff collect a urine sample before 10am and then deliver it at lunch time to the Micro Biology Dept for screening for chicken pox. We, of course, had arranged for the bogus memo to be delivered with the jars. Everyone dutifully collected their sample and stored it until lunchtime where upon they took it for testing. The kind folk at Micro Biology tried to keep a straight face as they disposed of the samples and told people that they had been had and should check the date. It ran so smoothly and I still don't think anyone knows who set up the gag, but boy did we laugh about it afterwards. Talk about taking the piss...

3. What do you think is the most underrated sexual act?
I am not sure if it is classified as an act but I love missionary position and it hardly ever cracks a mention as a sexy position. I like the full body contact, being able to have eye contact, and both participant's hands being able to explore the other person. Also, men's nipples get overlooked at lot too. I have very sensitive nipples and love to have them licked and played with but so often they get bypassed in the rush to get to other areas.

4. What is your favorite website?
I don't really have a favourite website. I have a few blogs that I visit on a regular basis but that is about it.

5. What is the most annoying commercial on the air right now?
In general, I hate bank commercials. Usually they are telling us how wonderful they are and why we should bank with them, and yet just like every other bank they are dreaming up new ways to screw us with fees and charges, don't want to give us any customer service, and make it almost impossible to change to another institution. Actually, I'll rephrase my first sentence, I don't hate bank commercials, I just hate banks. And now I'll come down from my soap box.

6. If you were going to create a porn movie, please describe the title, premise and 1st sex scene.
I like women in uniforms, and women dressed smartly yet seductively, for work in an office so I am thinking that it might go along one of those lines. A voyeuristic, peeping tom scene might be the angle I would start with, where a young man (or woman) is spying on a woman (or women) getting dressed for work or undressed at the end of the day. They watch as the uniform or business suit is slowly removed and then they are suddenly discovered by the undresser and a sex scene begins. Further work colleagues could join in a later time as they arrive for their shift. I can't think of a particularly good title, maybe something like "Workin' It", or "Working for a Living". Alternately, it could depend on the uniform featured in the movie.


Dana said...

Hmmm ... what a coincidence. I'm sitting here in a business suit (skirt and jacket) thinking of the missionary position!

Amorous Rocker said...

I agree on missionary. It is underrated definitely. I never overlook a males nipples if I'm allowed to play with them. My boyfriend is putty in my hands when I tease him that way to start, heh. It's fun too. I agree though, most people do overlook them.

I hate bank commercials too.

Nice 6. :) I have a thing for guys and ladies dressed in sharp, well fitting business attire. A man in a well fitting suit drives me bonkers.