Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eating Crow - HNT style

Welcome to my very first HNT. This is the result of a bet that I had last weekend with Ms SD from Sexy Duet's Sex Diary. We are both followers of Australian Rules Football teams, and last weekend our respective teams played each other. Over recent encounters, my team, The Eagles, has had the wood on Ms SD's team, The Crows. I think we have won the last 7 matches between the 2 teams. Feeling confident that another win was on the cards I initiated a bet with Ms SD and then watched in horror as my team was beaten comprehensively in a very one-sided match. The Crows handed us our biggest losing margin on their home ground and walked away with the win 133 - 57. As a result of losing the bet I have to post a picture and tell you why the Crows are the better team.

Here goes. *deep breath* The Crows are the better team because they displayed superior ball handling and slick, classy ball movement from defense to attack. There was a good combination of youth and experience which combined well to provide a potent running game. Inside 50 they marked well and kicked accurately on goal. By comparison, our ball handling was sloppy and mostly ineffective. We found it hard to hit targets anywhere on the ground and were punished for making skill errors. In the end we were beaten by the better team *unclench teeth*.

Since I don't have any Crows merchandise, Ms SD will have to make do with me wearing just my football scarf. I feel exposed, just like our poor performance on Saturday.

On a positive note, I only have to wait 7 weeks before we play each other again. Ms SD has bragging rights til then. In the mean time I will refrain from any more football related bets as we can ill afford to drop another game.

As an aside, I can tell you that #2 was the untruth on my TMI post. I don't have blonde hair, although I did as a child. It has darkened with age, which I should be grateful for, I suppose, as most people have the opposite with their hair getting lighter as they get older.


Amorous Rocker said...

Nice picture! Not bad at all for a first post. ;) Lucky that scarf isn't a lot smaller, you'd be showing a lot more skin if it wasn't, lol.

Oooh. I was leaning towards blonde being the lie. I knew it wasn't 3 or 4, heh. ;)

Happy HNT!

Adam Apple said...

Quick off the mark, as always. I wasn't sure how much skin to show. It is supposed to be HALF nekkid after all!!

redneck vamp said...

I really like this picture. You should play HNT more often now that you have already done one. ^wink wink^


Luka said...

An excellent first HNT!

But will that scarf be enough to keep you warm?

Sexy Duet said...

Oh how I love winning bets :D The only thing that would make that pic better would be if it was a Crows scarf or no scarf at all.

No wonder I like the Crows, I have superior ball handling skills too ;)

Hope you have better luck in the derby this weekend. I am looking forward to having another bet with you when our teams play again but you will have home ground advantage so I might be in some trouble.

Happy HNT!


Z Mascota said...

any way you play is good, it's the playing that matters!
Nice job & welcome!

Bunny said...

Woo hoo! Welcome to HNT!

I hope we don't have to wait for you to lose more bets to get more fun, sexy pictures from you!


Lapis Ruber said...

You've got it right in one. Keep playing - it's fun :-)Happy HNT.

anna louise said...

Mmmm very nice.HHNT

Stratocast said...

I love this whole story! I think you did very well for yourself with the picture, too!

naughty said...

super great HNT!

A. Secret said...

I keep trying to pick up the end of that scarf but am having no luck. Help a girl out?

Polt said...

Heheh, very nicely done, espcially for your first time!


I Smile 2 Much said...

hnt is fun huh?! what a fun 1st pic! i like! ; ) hhnt & thanks for admitting the not blonde thing on tmi ; )

Ally said...

Glad to see you're joining in the fun, you should lose bets more often ;) hhnt!

Renee said...

Mmmmm, very nice! And I see a nipple that needs licking and pinching and sucking and ...


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I think, yes, you should definitely lose things more often if this is going to be the result.

Adam Apple said...

redneck vamp-
Your wish may not be that far away.

I don't need the scarf for warmth. Our summer has only just ended and it isn't that cold yet. It's only for modesty.

Ms SD-
No luck in the derby, but another bet is definitely on the cards. I think I need to hear more about your superior ball handling skills ;)

Z Mascota-
Thanks for your support.

No more bets for a while, but some more pics might not be too far away.

Lapis Ruber-
Thanks, and Yes, it is fun.

Anna Louise-
I'm glad you approve.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you.

Who knows what might happen if you keep asking ;)

Thanks for your kind words.

I Smile 2 Much-
It is fun and I'm glad you liked it.

I don't want to have to lose bets just so I can post pictures. Your enjoyment is all the incentive I need.

How observant of you to see exactly how that nipple likes to be treated. It has a partner that loves similar things. You and they just have to get together :)

Ms Inconspicuous-
No bets required, I think I'm hooked.

Shibari said...

most yummy