Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unbuttoning HNT#2

After all the positive comments I received about last week's HNT, I have decided to post another one.
This is a picture of me wearing my favourite button-fly Levi's. When I first got them I wasn't too sure about the button-fly as I was used to having a zip front, but now I think they are dead sexy and I can imagine a lover slowly unbuttoning them to reveal the contents within. This hasn't happened yet but I am hopeful that one day it will. The thought of it really turns me on.



I Smile 2 Much said...

so VERY sexy enticing. ; ) happy hnt 2 u ; )

Curvaceous Dee said...

Mmm - there's something very hot about a man in jeans. Any chance we'll get the rear view next week?

HHNT, xx Dee

Bunny said...

I love skin and denim, so you had me there - but then I saw the button-fly and swoon! OMG - I love slowly unbuttoning the jeans - with my teeth - to reveal the . . . will you excuse me a moment? I think I need a little "alone time." kthxbai

HHNT! said...

I just love button fly jeans! Good pic and thank you for the comment!

Biscuit said...

The first thing I noticed was the buttons, and I just LOVE button flies. They are absolutely sexy! I guess are going around this week :)

badbadgirl said...

Very sexy. I like button flys- the way the pop pop pop when you pull at them.

Lapis Ruber said...

I'm off out to buy a pair of button fly jeans - if that is the effect they have on the ladies! Happy HNT.

Musns said...

I love button jeans, takes me back to being a teen when 501's where the thing and everyone wore them. Did I mention horny too?

Vixen said...

Ah! Button fly jeans on men....HOT


Stratocast said...

I dunno . . . maybe it's just me, but this picture does nothing for me . . . I hope that doesn't mean there's something wrong with me . . .

Polt said...

Dead sexy indeed. And if you need any help getting those buttons know my email. :)


Amorous Rocker said...

You have to watch out, that HNT shit gets addicting. All the happy, ego inflating comments are totally hard to resist. ;)

Nice jeans. Happy HNT! =)

Sexy Duet said...

Now I am wondering what I have started after winning that bet and asking you to post a pic, not that I am complaining at all!

Now if only I could work out a way to undo a few more of those buttons ;)

Happy (belated) HNT!


anna louise said...

Such a tease leaving us wanting more

Adam Apple said...

I Smile 2 Much-
Thanks for your lovely comments :)

I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

Ohh!! I hadn't thought of undoing them with your teeth. Now you have me needing a little 'alone time'...

Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for stopping by.

I'm a big button fan now.

Pull away and make those buttons pop, you naughty girl ;)

Good idea. I wasn't aware they would be so popular.

You can mention horny. I'm listening.

Thanks. It's ben a while since I have been anywhere near HOT.

I'm the same, but each to their own...

I'm sure I have your email address here somewhere. Just let me look...

You're right. HNT is turning me into a bit of a comment whore. I love it :)

Ms SD-
Yes, this is all your fault, but I am enjoying the attention.
I'm sure we could find away to undo a few more buttons. Can you lend me a hand ;)

anna louise-
I aim to please, as well as tease.

Sheen V said...

I love wearing 501's! Of all the Levi's jeans, they fit the best. When I was about 12 my older sister and I each bought a pair made of unshrunken denim - one had to wash them to shrink them down to the right size. The fit like a glove and were so comfortable. I've always worn 501's since then.

Adam Apple said...

Sheen V-
I had forgotten about unshrunken denim. I can remember my sister sitting in the bath to shrink hers down to a tight fit.