Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TMI Tuesday #24

I am back from a relaxing few days at Cable Beach Club in Broome. It was lovely to sit by a pool, consume a few cocktails, read a book or two, and enjoy women of all shapes and sizes in bathing suits. Unfortunately I don’t have any naughty tales to tell as Mrs A kept me on a tight leash and didn’t let me wander off too far on my own :( There were a few ladies there that I would have liked to try my hand with, but 3 nights doesn’t allow a lot of time to get to know prospective partners.
Here is this week’s TMI. Click HERE to join the fun or to meet the other players.

1. Early bird or night owl?
I used to be a real Night owl once upon a time. I am less of a one now, but I would still prefer a late night to an early morning. I have never been an Early bird. Many years ago I used to work shift work and had to get up at 4am for a 5am start. Even after years of that, I still couldn’t get used to early mornings. Some people say that mornings are the best part of the day, that is why I prefer to leave them for those that can truly appreciate them.

2. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
The first place I had sex was in a darkened bedroom at the end of a long night of drinking. It was with a girl I had met at the party, and we staggered back to her place, which was fortunately not too far away. The details are a bit sketchy and I can’t even remember her name. I’m not sure if it was her first time or not, but we were both fairly inexperienced. I only saw her once or twice afterwards, and only in social settings. We never spoke of that night.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)
In general I would say I was about a 7. Right now I would reckon a 6. I’ve just had a great few days away, but I am back to work now and having to catch up on last weeks work as well as this weeks stuff. A little regular action (ie sex) would definitely raise the happiness score a notch or two.

4. Are you more submissive or dominant?
Probably leaning toward submissive. I have really tried to be dominant but I just like to please my partner and tend to do what they want. I guess it is just not in my nature to dominate other people, even if they want me to.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes I do. But I also believe that love grows out of friendship and respect for the other person.

Bonus (as in optional): Describe your bed time habits. What side do you sleep on? What do you usual wear? Any night time rituals?
I sleep on the left side of the bed (left side when laying on the bed). Often it is the very edge of the bed as Mrs A tends to take up a lot of room even though she is only a small person. I usually sleep in a pair of boxer shorts and just add a t-shirt as the nights get cooler. I do have pyjamas but don’t wear them often. Mrs A feels the cold at night and has extra blankets on the bed so I usually don’t need too much sleeping attire.
As for night time rituals, I don’t think I have any. I just clean my teeth, visit the toilet, change and hop into bed. Sometimes I read a little while Mrs A applies her beauty routine, but that is about it. I leave it to her to initiate sex as I am well and truly tired of trying to start things, only to get a knock back. When she is ready, she lets me know,... and that ain’t too often.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Oooh, I'm in the *same* position as you are with that thwarted nightly ritual of initiating sex. I'm through with it, for the most part. How much rejection can a person take, really?

Happy TMI.

Vixen said...

Your #2, loved reading your response.


Mariposa said...

Nice answers...love reading them! And yes, I usually stay at the edge of the bed...LOL I agree with your #5 answer!

Happy TMIT!

Mariposa said...

The link in my first comment got messed up...here is my real link. Sorry!

Amorous Rocker said...

I loved reading your answers, as usual.

I hate trying to initiate sex and then get rejected. That sucks so bad and doesn't help my ego any at all. =( I recently did an experiment to see how long we would go without sex if I left it up to bf to initiate things. It was a while. Heh.

Happy TMI!

I am glad you had a nice trip even if you didn't get to have any "fun" with others. =)

Renee said...

If I waited for H to initiate every time, I'd go crazy. Really! Once a week or so is NOT enough. *ducking*

Oh my, H says I 'crowd' him too. He likes to tell people he has to hold on to the edge of the bed for dear life. What a brat! ;)

Happy TMI!

{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Nice answers! I'm glad you had a fun trip - even if not as "FUN" as you would've liked. :)
Good luck waiting for her to initiate...

Happy TMI!

ATLLG said...

Good answers... good luck on the the bonus part....

I Smile 2 Much said...

Welcome back! ; )
I guess I initate sometimes or maybe I dont. (??) Heck I dont know honestly. Rejection has nothing on me. It's happened a lot to me but I dont think I really ever stopped 2 really care or think much about it. I just moved on. I guess I'm not very sensitive or ever take things personally is why. I just figure they have their reasons & I have mine.
I always enjoy reading your answers! Happy TMI ; )

The Covert Lover said...

Great answers. Hope your bonus question situation improves! :)

Happy TMI Tuesday!
Today was my first time playing - Yay!

Anonymous said...

You know that probably is why my Mr. doesn't initiate.

Interesting to read a man's perspective!

Adam Apple said...

Ms Inconspicuous-
Sorry to hear that your advances are also rejected. It appears that there are a few of us in the same boat :(

Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for your comments, and keeping clinging to the edge of that bed.

I am currently living your experiment and it has gone on for far to long.

Once a week?? I'm lucky if it happens once a month!!

I'll grow old waiting for that to happen.

Thanks ATLLG

I Smile 2 Much-
I can't imagine that you would get rejected too often lol.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be over to pay you a visit soon.

Always happy to put a different slant on things ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm late with my comment- but wanted to weigh in on the disparate levels of interest in sex- I've had that situation in every serious relationship I've ever had- I always wanted it more than the other person. It certainly seems like people with mutual sex drive interest levels should have more luck in finding each other!

Emerald Yomi said...

I'm a first time reader, first time poster: came here through TMI. Loved your answers of the Wedenesday one, HNT pretty cute =) and your TMI...hmmm...got a mixture going on there...I have a 'mental condition' shall we say which not only can the medication mess with my sex drive but the illness itself messes with it beautifully on it's own. =( Believe me, it sucks. My point, considering I've not read enough yet (I will be trying to read more) to see what the go is with your wife...not living up to her side of the bargin so to speak. =P. Oh, and love the name of your blog too. =)

Adam Apple said...

becky68- perhaps there should be a test for it when people get together in relationships. Although they say that opposites attract...

Emerald- I have had some experience of illness & medication on fluctuating libido, but that isn't the case here.