Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Last Days of Holly.

My second and final encounter with Holly took place a few days after our first meeting, which you can read about here if you have joined us late. I wasn't sure that there would be any more get togethers with Holly as we hadn't arranged anything at the conclusion of our first meeting. As luck would have it, I met her again at the shops a day or two later and she told me her family would be out again tomorrow afternoon if I could slip away. I knew I would find a way.

That afternoon my kids were in the pool and Mrs A. was keeping an eye on them so I volunteered to go to the video shop to get a DVD to watch that night. No problems, they said, and I set off. I sprinted to the video store and grabbed the first DVD I could find and paid for it, then trotted off to Holly's. The rental car was not in the parking space, so that was a good sign that someone was out. I tapped on the door and was relieved when Holly, and not her husband, answered. I hadn't thought of a cover story in case he was home.

Holly let me in and said we didn't have long as her family would be back shortly. It didn't matter because our passion ensured we were ready for each other right then. There was no pretense of having coffee and no small talk about the weather, we both had a hunger that needed to be met.

I tossed the DVD on the table and wrapped my arms around Holly. We kissed in a frenzied, heated embrace that fed on our desires and fueled our lust. One hand was wrapped in her hair while the other ran up and down her back, gripping her buttocks and pulling her close. Her hands held my face briefly before finding their way under my shirt and feeling my chest. She touched my nipples and I had to have her.

I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the dinning table. We continued to kiss as I lifted her T-shirt and felt her naked breasts underneath. I rubbed them, squeezed them, teased the nipples and felt them harden at my touch. Holly lay back on the table, pulled her T-shirt up exposing her breasts, wrapped her legs around me and locked them behind me. I leaned forward and kissed those beautiful breasts. Running my tongue along the valley between them, flicking across her nipples, and then sucking them into my mouth. She moaned and pulled me in tighter.

I ran my hands down her body, over her waist to her hips. I hooked the waist band of her shorts and pulled it down. She unlocked her legs and lifted her hips. In one swift motion I pulled her shorts off her extended legs before she wrapped them around me again. She still had her panties on and I could see the growing wet patch that had formed on them. I rubbed across the front of them, feeling the slickness of her juices and making her moan again.

I pulled them to one side and ran my finger through her wet curls before sliding it between her waiting lips. I rubbed across her clit and her back arched as she gasped. I wanted to taste her again, to run my tongue over her slippery sex, but as I tried to she stopped me.
"We don't have time," she said. "Just fuck me!"

I wasn't about to argue with a request like that, so I did my best to meet her needs. She helped me along by tugging my shorts and briefs down and allowing my rigid cock some room to move. I moved her panties further to one side and she guided my cock into her before laying back on the table.

I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her. She responded immediately and began to thrust back, her hips working against mine. I moved a hand around onto her pussy and used two fingers to spread her lips while my thumb rubbed her exposed clit. Her back arched again, her bucking became harder, and one of her hands began playing with her own breast and nipple.

The sight of that really turned me on and I started to fuck her harder. She came almost immediately, her legs tightening around me and threatening to break my back. Her nails scratched on the table and her back arched, head thrown back as she screamed and gasped and I could feel the pulsating grip of her pussy. Her legs released their grip on me and I continued to pound into her. It didn't take long before I came as well and I could feel my cum being pumped deep into her. Once I was spent I pulled out of her and pulled my shorts and briefs back up from around my ankles. Holly straightened her panties and put her shorts back on. There was no time to bask in the wonder of the moment or to slip into that blissful sleep that follows good sex. All up I had been there no more than 20 minutes. It was fast and hard passionate sex between 2 people who really needed each other.

Holly told me she was leaving the next day and it would be one of the hardest things for her to do as she would be returning to her mundane life back home. I held her and kissed her again, but I couldn't linger for fear of being caught. We exchanged email addresses so we could keep in contact and then I kissed her one last time before heading out the door. She called me back.
"Don't forget this!" she laughed as she tossed my DVD to me.
Damn!! I had nearly left it behind. Imagine being caught out by a cheap rental DVD?

It was sad the next day when I saw a new family moving into Holly's unit, but I guess life goes on and I am extremely grateful for the pleasant memories of those two meetings.
As for the DVD, I couldn't tell you what it was and I don't even think we watched it.


Stratocast said...

Very hot! My kinda story!

Sexy Duet said...

I love that really passionate sex when you dont even take the time to remove clothes, you just need each other straight away.

I have to admit my mind kept wandering to what sort of holiday I might have in January when I come your way ;)


Adam Apple said...

Thanks Stratocast. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ms SD-
Now you have me thinking about your holiday. It would be nice to catch up so I can show you some sights ;)

Anonymous said...

mmm, very hot, definitely got me going

Adam Apple said...

Thanks Ally. It is nice to know that others enjoy my encounters as much as I do.