Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TMI Tuesday #36 - Romance Edition

TMI Tuesday turns it's focus onto romance this week and what perfect timing. I sense love in the air and I feel in the mood for a little romance. If you want to join this fun then just click HERE.

1. What is your definition of romantic?
It might sound obvious, but to me, romantic is putting the romance into a relationship. That means doing the special little things that make the other person feel wanted, needed and loved. It can be anything from flowers and chocolates, to little notes and cards, a knowing look or smile at an appropriate time, and especially remembering significant dates or anniversaries.

2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic?
Yes, I would consider myself to be a romantic. I like to spoil the love of my life and I like to make a point of remembering birthdays and anniversaries. I don't go over the top, but I think little gestures made frequently are much better than grand statements made once in a while, although grand statements have their place.

3. Is your significant other romantic?
Yes, Mrs A. is moderately romantic. She appreciates my efforts and has her romantic moments in return. It is just a pity that her romance doesn't extend to the bedroom. Romantic actions there are seen as a crude attempt to "score" and are treated as such.

4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic?
No, I can't say that I have. I have discussed bedroom romance with Mrs A. but all my efforts fall on deaf ears and she refuses to change because she sees nothing wrong.

5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one?
A grand romantic gesture would be something like booking a special surprise getaway for just the 2 of you so you could enjoy each other's company without interference from the outside world. I haven't been the recipient of such a gesture but I did take Mrs A. on just such a weekend when we were still newly engaged. A good time was had by all.

6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past.
I remember back to my younger days, there was this one girl that I wanted to go out with but she played hard to get and we would only ever end up going out in a group. I plucked up enough courage to give her a bunch of roses and asked if she would accompany me to the drive-in to see a movie that we both wanted to see. She agreed to, and in the car that night at the drive-in I had packed some chilled bubbly (only cheap sparkling wine) and two champagne flutes. We sat and watched the movie while sipping 'champagne'. I didn't get laid that night as it was only our first date (and I didn't want her to think that I had just tried to get her drunk to sleep with me) but she did become my girlfriend and we had a relationship that lasted 18 months or more, so I think the ends justified the means.

7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you?
The answers to the above 2 questions would be some of the most romantic things that I have done. As I said previously, I don't really go for grand gestures but prefer little and often. When I think of romantic things the chorus from a Melissa Etheridge song (I Want To Be In Love) comes to mind.

In front of total strangers won't you kiss me
Flowers for no reason but you miss me
Oh I want to be in love
You're standing on the doorstep in the rain
Cause you couldn't wait to see me once again
Oh I want to be in love...
On Tuesday light the candles bring me wine
Wednesday morning I won't get to work on time
Oh I want to be in love
Surprise me as I'm stepping off the plane
Take my hand as they play our song again
Oh I want to be in love

As for romantic things done for me, my mind has gone blank and I can't really think of anything right at the moment.


Dana said...

Romantic actions there are seen as a crude attempt to "score" and are treated as such.

Unfortunately, I think this happens to many men. Women claim they want romance and then claim men only do it for sex. *shrugs*

Enjoyed your answers!

Honey said...

I agree with your answer to #1 - it's the little things that make romance!

Happy TMI!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Love is in the air?


Oh wait. Do tell. :)

Adam Apple said...

Dana- You may have a point, but then I feel that many men do, in fact, use romantic gestures to initiate sex.

Honey- I certainly believe that.

Ms Inconspicuous- It may be a little premature at the moment.