Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #15

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1.) You just bought a snazzy new leather jacket for an awesome price at the local outlet shop. When you got it home you found $2000 (cash) in the jacket's inner pocket. What are you going to do?
I am too honest to keep the money so I would return it to the shop and explain where it came from. It may turn out that I could keep the money if it was unclaimed, or perhaps a reward, but it wouldn't feel right to just keep it. I know that if it was my money that I had accidentally left there, then I would appreciate it if it was returned.

2.) If you could change or eliminate one wedding tradition, what would it be? What is your favorite wedding tradition?
I don't know that I would change any wedding traditions. They are traditions and that means they are part of the wedding ceremony. If you don't like the traditions then have a wedding that doesn't encompass all the traditional bits. My favourite tradition is the bridal garter. As a single man I got to remove 2 garters and I loved sliding my hands under the wedding dress to find the garter and then remove it. What fun!

3.)If you were on Gilligan’s Island, who would you want to share your hut with? Who would you consider it torture to have to share a hut with?
Mary-Anne was always my favourite so how could I resist sharing a hut with her. The Howells would be my choice of who not to share with. I seem to remember them bickering a lot.

4.) Have you ever called your current significant other by another name at any point? What happened?
I am assuming that we are talking about using someone else's name by mistake. That has never happened to me (touch wood).

5.) If you were going to be famous under a stage name, what would you pick your stage name to be? Why? What do you want to be famous doing?
I don't know what stage name I would use. When I was much younger (teenager) I thought it would be great to have a band called 'C'. It had a kind of mysterious quality to it and would lend itself to great album names, like 'C Horse', 'C Weed', etc. I remember having a whole list of them at one time. Obviously then, I would want to be famous as a musician. I think I could have handled the rock and roll lifestyle for a while.

6.) During sex, do you ever fantasize about someone other than your partner?
Absolutely. But only with Mrs A. On the rare occasions that we have sex, it is usually quite mundane and so I often imagine I am with some other person. When I am with someone else I don't have to fantasize because they are my fantasy.

7.) Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet?
Definitely too loud. I appreciate the quiet much more these days and I don't think it could ever be "too quiet" anymore.


Macabre Girl said...

Your #1 is what I meant to say but you worded it better. :)

The Howell's did seem to bicker a lot. They were my least favorite characters.

Great responses! Thank you for playing.

Baby said...

Well you are obviously of stronger character than I - in regards to Question No. 1 :) I never thought of "mundane" and "sex" at the same time... Great answers :) Happy WW

Amorous Rocker said...

Grr, I read these earlier and thought I had left a comment. I loved Mary Anne too. I always thought she wasn't as nice as she seemed, hehe. The Howells would drive me insane, I'd end up killing them both, lol.