Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #22

1. If you were in a situation where it was either starve to death or resort to cannibalism, would you resort to cannibalism to stay alive or let yourself starve?
Really hard to answer without having been in the situation, but if the alternative was to starve to death then I think self preservation would kick in and I would resort to cannibalism. The people would have to be dead already because I wouldn't be able to kill them. Given that they were dead then I don't think they would mind too much if I had to eat them to stay alive. Who knows, they might even taste like chicken?

2. Do you know all of the words to the National Anthem and The Pledge of Allegiance?
Not the American National Anthem or The Pledge of Allegiance but I do know the words to the Australian National Anthem - Advance Australia Fair.

3. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
In general, everyday life I would probably be a follower. I would like to think that in a crisis situation I would be able to take charge and be a leader, but who knows until such an event occurs?

4. What is your most favorite holiday? Why?
Christmas. I have enjoyed it far more since I have had children. I love the build up to the big day, decorating the tree, writing wish lists, and counting down the sleeps. I love the anticipation in their faces as they go to bed on Christmas Eve, and the excitement in their eyes the following morning as they open their presents. That along with our 2 week holiday over Christmas and New Year make it the best time of the year for me.

5. In what ways, if any, are you superstitious?
I am not at all superstitious. I used to be but I have broken the habit and the belief that certain actions have good or bad consequences just because of folklore or tradition. I don't even subscribe to a belief in horoscopes anymore.

6. If you had to pick a creature from the Mythical Creatures Guide to be your pet, which would you choose and why?
A dragon would be a really cool pet but might be a little difficult to control. It would be fun to turn it loose on people who piss you off. Imagine the look on their faces! Pegasus, the winged horse, would also be a fun pet. No more traffic jams, just jump on your horse and fly to where ever you wanted to go. And it probably wouldn't be much different to care for than a 'normal' horse.


Charlene said...

hey adam~~on top of all the other parts of life and death i got hacked by a relative (key stroke software)

i just got my charlene-in-ar@blogspot back and finally had my internet provider cancel and redo our internet

since tomorrow is also blog for peace, i am going to wait until next week to redo the secret hnt blog

you'll be invited as soon as i get it set up (don't hold me to next week, because as soon as mom feels up to it, i am going to go to altanta to visit my brother since i was in the hospital the day after dad died for 9 days

so if mom feels like she can handle being alone, i'm going to take a much needed break

Charlene said...

love you answers

i'm going to steal it

this is the first weirdness wednesday

Amorous Rocker said...

LOL! The last line of your answer for #1 cracked me up, lol.

I love your answer for #6.

Glad you played! :)