Thursday, June 12, 2008

HNT #10 - Shorts

Comments left on my TMI post from a week or so ago about my short shorts prompted me to turn it into this week's HNT. This picture was taken in the early 90's when I am sure that these shorts would have been fashionable. This is the 'best' one I could find. (sorry there are no rear views). These days I have underwear that covers more, and I certainly wouldn't wear shorts like this in public anymore, even if I could still fit into them. I hope this amuses you as much as it did me when I saw it.


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Naughty K said...

Look at those legs .... Happy HNT!

bittersweet said...

teehee - but you looked so cute!

happy HNT

Amorous Rocker said...

Cute! Lol. Happy HNT.

fairyflutters said...

Man, if my legs were that long I'd bed sporting the short shorts all the time! Even in the winter with some tights. LOL


Vixen said...

My favorite is the glasses tucked in with the shirt. Such an early 90's thing to do, lol. :)


The Covert Lover said...

Niiiiice! lol
You do have very nice legs. so in style or not, you pull of the short shorts wonderfully. :)


Baby said...

Those are some very long looking nice legs!!!! HHNT!!!!

Lapis Ruber said...

You need to be young to get away with that look :-) Happy HNT.

Wendy Blackheart said...

oooh, nice gams!

Luka said...

Heh, I remember those types of short shorts - did you also wear the obscenely tight jeans as well?


Ro said...

I think the last time I wore shorts that short I was probably about ten!

Still, the consensus is that you carried it off well so more power to your elbow :)

Happy HNT!

Helga Hansen said...

I'm extremely jealous... why do men always have such nice legs??? HHNT!

anna louise said...

You look so cute in them

Polt said...

We all have embarrassing clothing photos in our albums. :)


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Oh dear god man...

At least you had the legs to pull it off. :)

Happy HNT!

Adam Apple said...

Naughty K- ain't they something?

Thanks Bittersweet.

AR- your comments are always appreciated.

fairyflutters- Now that i would like to see.

Vixen- yes, I liked the glasses too. They were Aviator Raybans, just like Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

CL- Glad you enjoyed them.

Baby- Why thank you.

LR- I was a lot younger than I am today, but weren't we all?

Wendy- I haven't heard that word (gams) for ages.

Luka- Yes, I had tight jeans as well, though they weren't as tight as some I can remember.

Ro- Maybe people like me wre the reason these shorts went out of fashion?

Helga- I'll let you use them if you like?

Thanks anna louise.

Polt- yes there does seem to be a few.

Ms I.- That is the only thing going for it.