Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #20

1. Is there a particular birthday that you are dreading (eg: 40th) why?
No. I don't have any fears or phobias about reaching any milestone birthdays. To me it is just another year older, and age is really just a state of mind. I have met young people who are old beyond their years, and older people who live life as if they were much younger.

2. What is your favorite birthday memory?
My 21st birthday was a favourite of mine. I partied long and hard into the night, and was still going the following morning when the sun came up (unlike most of my guests who had either left or crashed for the night). Plus, I got to 'score' in the back seat of my car with a girl I had been keen on for a while. She must have felt generous on account of it being my birthday, because it never happened again and shortly after that she started going out with my close friend.

3. What was the best birthday present you ever received? The worst?
No particular present springs to mind as being the best, or worst. Any gift can be the best ever if it is something that you have wanted for a while, or are really appreciative of receiving. And I don't think of gifts in terms of being not very good. If someone has taken the effort to select a gift for me then I am grateful that they took the time to think of me at all.

4. Frosting roses: Love them or hate them?
I will admit to not knowing what frosting roses are, so I don't really have an opinion on them one way or the other.

5. Do you like when people make a big deal out of your birthday, or do you prefer a quiet or no celebration?
No question about it. A quiet one with no celebration at all. As long as those people whom I love, or am close to, remember then that is all that I care about. I don't have any real need to make my birthday a big deal.

6. Surprise parties; Good or Evil?
Definitely evil. I detest surprise parties, and I have threatened my family that I will walk out if they try to spring a surprise party on me. I know some people think that they are great, but I am just not into that much recognition and celebration.

7. Bonus Question: Over at Casa ASM, it is traditional for the birthday boy or girl to get carte blanche in the bedroom that night. Who and/or what would you choose for birthday bedroom carte blanche?
Well nothing like that ever happens over at the Apple Residence. However, if I was able to choose a who and what for some birthday bedroom celebrations then I would choose my girl (you know who you are) to join me for a night of unbridled passion. It wouldn't matter really what we did as long as we could be together for the entire night to enjoy each others company and pleasures. Actually, we might have to take the next day off work because I don't think either of us would be capable of putting in a full 8 hours after a night like that.

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jGrrl said...

Mostly any surprises make me angry... a party? I'd freak..
Happy Wednesday!