Thursday, December 18, 2008

HNT #31 - Tinsel Life.

Flipping through my collection
I need the right song for this situation
Too fast or too slow
Too high or too low
He don't know the pain that I know
The soundtrack to my life
-: Squint

No special significance to this week's lyrics, and no Christmas tree either. It was just too difficult to get a HNT shot with the Christmas tree in it so you will just have to settle for me draped in some tinsel. There is some Christmas balls in there somewhere, but I would have to turn around so you could see them. If you really want to see them then click the picture.
The lyrics just seemed to suit my fruitless search for an appropriate song about Tinsel, but not Tinsel Town. In the end, I guess it was the right song for the situation.

Os is the man to see, to find out who else played along this week. I have HNT's planned for the next few weeks but may not get to Os's to leave a comment, so be sure to check back over the Festive Season.


Lucia said...

Somehow the tinsel works just as well ;-)

Happy HNT !

Amorous Rocker said...

Nice balls. ;)

Happy HNT!

Dana said...

Oooooo! Shiny objects!

I had the same challenge with the star quote. Nothing that quite fit the mood!

Jennybean said...

how festive of you...


Lilly said...

finally, some pretty balls! ;)

Ro said...

What a load of balls!

Sorry, but someone had to say it :)

I'm quite sure someone would be quite happy to have you as her tree!

Happy HNT, sir :)

Polt said...

Never saw one man hold so many balls in his hands. :) Not that I haven't tried, you know! :)