Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TMI Tuesday #50

1. Do you consider sexy underthings a present for you or your partner?
I would consider sexy underwear to be a present that is best enjoyed by both the giver and the receiver. Surely that would be the whole point of giving sexy underwear as a gift?

2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"? Have you best relationship(s) been with your type or when you have gone against it?
This question has been asked before and I didn't know what 'my type' was back then, and I still don't have a clue. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

3. What is on your Santa list this year?
I haven't really given much consideration to a Santa list this year. I will just be appreciative of what ever I receive, and thankful for the fact that someone thought of me.

4. Generally speaking, who has historically had a higher libido, you or your partner(s)?
That would be me. Mrs A's libido is almost non existent.

5. The unsculptured female bush seems to have passed from fashion. What about men, do you think they need to trim and shave "down there"?
To be honest, I don't really care whether men trim or shave "down there" because I am not interested in that area of men. However, I do keep myself trim and partially shaved. I believe that if a woman wants to pleasure me in that area then it should be neat and tidy so she can find her way around and not have to contend with a jungle and a mouth full of fur.

Bonus (as in optional):What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)?
Sexual Favourites:- Hot, passionate kisses, Oral sex both giving and receiving, the Complete abandonment of wild fucking, and Cuddling in the afterglow
Non-sexual Favourites:- include the smell of fresh coffee, thunderstorms, the ocean (and the beach) in winter, marshmallows, dark chocolate, getting caught in the rain, freshly mown grass. There are many others, but these are top of the list for me.


Honey said...

Great answers! Happy Tuesday.

Dana said...

I always struggle with the "type" question too. It's far more about the complete person than the individual parts!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I know what your type is... Women.


No, seriously. I know a lot of men like that--they just appreciate women. There are certain things that attract them, but no particular hair color or eye color or even specific body type.