Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #27.

1.) Do you get along with your significant other's parents? If you've never met their parents or if you're single, how did you usually get along with former SO's parents?
I got along fine with both of Mrs A's parents, and would go so far as to say I had an exceptional relationship with her father. Both of them are no longer with us, so unfortunately it is all in the past now.

2.) Have you ever stolen a tip from a table while eating at a restaurant? If you saw someone doing this, would you speak up or pretend you never saw anything?
I have never done this and I think if I saw it happening I would let the restaurant manager know. It would be hard to prove though, as it would be my word against the thief, but i couldn't let it pass unnoticed.

3.) Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’d never admit to anyone?
Of course I have sexual fantasies, but I don't think they are the type that I would have to keep to myself. They are not so perverted or gross that they would freak people out, they are just normal, healthy fantasies. Perhaps I need Dana's 'normal meter' to measure them?

4.) What smells do you find comforting?
I always find the smell of fresh laundry to be a comforting smell. I think it reminds me of my Mum and how I used to help her hang the washing when I was a boy. I also like the smell of pipe tobacco. Not so much when it is smoked, but the smell of it in it's packet and as it is packed into the pipe bowl. My Dad and Grandfather both smoked pipes and the smell takes me back to happy times.

Do you ever resent your significant other for not earning more money? Do you ever find yourself jealous because your SO earns more money than you?
No, not at all. All income helps to sustain the household and pay the overheads of family life so it doesn't matter who earns the money or how much they earn as long as there is enough to pay our way.

6.) If you had to wear a Halloween costume for 3 hours a day, ever day, for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?
I have no idea. Halloween is not big in Australia so I haven't got a clue about Halloween costumes and what is available, and what is acceptable. I'll have to give this one a miss.

7.) Have you ever had sex with someone and kept a piece of their undergarments or anything else for any reason? Have you ever had someone want or try to keep something of yours?
No, I have never kept anything for any reason and can't really see the point in it. I can't imagine having a 'trophy cabinet' full of underwear from past lovers. It just sounds a little weird. I don't think I have had any of my items souvenired either. If I have then it has occurred without my knowledge.

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Dana said...

Well, if you use my normal meter I'm certain no one would interpret them as perverted or gross *wink*