Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #26.

1.) If you knew one of your close friends was cheating on their significant other, would you get involved? (EX: Tell their SO, try to talk to your friend about it, etc) Why or why not?
No, I wouldn't get involved. I would hate it if a friend knew about my affairs and tried to get involved, so I think I would just stay out of it.

2.) If your SO was cheating on you and one of your close friends knew, would you want them to tell you? Why or why not?
I don't think I would want to know. If I don't know about it then it doesn't hurt me. Maybe I am just being an ostrich and burying my head in the sand, but sometimes it is easier that way.

3.) Have you ever stuffed your bra or underwear to make the size of your breasts or penis seem larger?
Can't say that I ever have. What would be the point. If the person you were trying to impress finished up being impressed and wanted to sleep with you, how embarrassing would it be to have a sock fall out of your undies, or tissues out of your bra?

4.) Would you sleep with a friend's significant other behind their back if it were guaranteed you'd never be caught?
Absolutely. If no-one was ever going to find out, then count me in.

5.) Do you think you are more intelligent than your significant other?
It depends on the subject. We both shine in different areas, so there are some topics that she is way smarter than me in.

6.) Do you ever fantasize about cheating on your significant other? Are you ever tempted to really go through with it?
I have fantasized about it, and I have gone through with it. It is too late to shut that door, the horse has well and truly bolted.

7.) Have you ever had cyber sex, text sex or phone sex with someone other than your significant other during a relationship?
No. None of the above, either with a significant other or with someone else. Am I missing out on something? Would someone like to educate me??

8.) Would you cheat on your significant other twice monthly for half a year to have all your debt permanently erased?
To erase debt permanently? Hell yeah! I've done it for a lot less. Having said that though, it would depend on who I had to cheat with. I have standards and there are some people who just don't meet the grade.

BONUS! Have you ever fantasized about having sex with any blogger friends? Would you be daring enough to reveal five of them?
That would be a Yes. I'm not sure that I would reveal them because I am not feeling that brave at the present time. Maybe if you email me I will let you know if you make the cut ;)


the blogger said...

I said yes to the debt question, too. Hmmm...maybe I should have added the bit about having standards because it would have to be with someone I was actually attracted to.

Amorous Rocker said...

I never got people who stuffed their pants or bras either. What's the point of lying like that if there's a possibility someone who sees you "stuffed" will see you undone? I'd be so embarrassed, lol.

Phone sex isn't all it's cracked up to. Often with my boyfriend, it just leaves me wanting for him that much more. Same goes for the other two. It's nice because you get release with someone but yeah, generally leaves me wanting more, lol. =D

I was surprised that anyone was brave enough to list some folks. I answered the bonus on my private blog though. Sort of. ;)

Happy Wednesday!