Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TMI Tuesday #61

1. Don't tell us what it is, but do you have a sexual secret you have never told anyone?
I don't believe that I do have a sexual secret, apart from the fact that I have sex with other women, but that isn't really a secret if you are a reader of this blog.

2. Do you have a nonsexual secret you have never told anyone?
This would be the same answer as above. That is about the only secret that I am aware that I have. Nobody in 'real life' knows of my secret and so maybe this blog is part of the way I share the burden.

3. Did you ever tell someone a secret only to have them spill it? What were the repercussions?
I do recall telling a friend at school that I had a crush on a girl. He then went and told her, along with about 100 other people. She announced to the world (well everyone who was listening) that she didn't like me and wanted nothing to so with me. I swear I died a thousand deaths that day.

4. Did you ever spill a secret someone told you? What were the repercussions?
Not that I can recall. Although there was this one time at band camp ... Seriously though, I think I am pretty good at keeping secrets.

5. Tell us a secret someone told you, however along ago, that you've never told. (You can disguise name or details)
I can't think of any secrets at the moment, and even if I did I'm not sure that I would share it. After all, that is the whole point of a secret, isn't it?

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Dana said...

Hmmm ... I think you need more secrets! Or maybe no - they are quite a heavy burden!