Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #37.

1. What is one thing one of your closest friends does that drives you batshit crazy?
Probably the unannounced drop in. I have one friend who is notorious for it, and while I don't mind that he cares enough to want to stop by, sometimes I would like a little advance warning.

2. When buying a new sex toy, what are the features you look for that you absolutely have to have?
Since I have never bought a sex toy I am not sure what features I would need it to have. Equating it to buying a power tool, I am assuming that I would want it to be capable of handling the tasks that I require of it, and that it would do those tasks in an efficient and reliable manner.

3. If you woke up the opposite gender for one day, what would be the biggest downside to that for you?
If it was only for one day then I imagine that the biggest downside would be having to sit down to pee. I can't imagine having to do that each and every time. Blokes have it much easier in that department.

4. Do you use curse words in front of children?
Unfortunately I do on occasion. It is only my own children, but I am not proud of the fact that they can wear me down to the point of swearing around them. As a positive, it doesn't happen very often, but it still happens.

5. If you were zapped with a laser and turned into an animated character, what Disney movie would you hate to play a part in?
Finding Nemo. While I like to swim, I generally do so only in the relative safety of a swimming pool. Swimming in the ocean has been something I rarely do, ever since seeing the Jaws movies when I was a teenager. This summer has seen a spate of shark attacks (some fatal) at various beaches around Australia and that has done nothing to allay my fears of swimming in open water. Finding Nemo has both open water and sharks so I will pass on a role in that movie.

6. How would you react to your partner answering a phone call or text message during foreplay or intercourse?
Not well. It would probably kill the moment. I can only assume that she wasn't that in to it if she could be bothered with a phone call or text. Let it go to message and answer it later.

7. What are three things you want to try doing but haven't yet? (They can be sexual or non-sexual, doesn't matter.)
Running a marathon.
A threesome.
Role playing, and maybe some bondage.

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Amorous Rocker said...

#1, that would annoy me too. My boyfriend has a friend or two like that. I don't always mind it but once in a while some notice would be appreciated.

#5, I wouldn't want to be in Finding Nemo either. I love to swim and I love the ocean but I have issues with open water where I can't touch or at least see the bottom.

Happy Wednesday!