Thursday, May 22, 2008

HNT #7 - Meet My Hands.

These are my hands.
If you meet me, these are the hands that will help me get to know you. They will cradle your face as we kiss and the fingers will run through your hair, entwined in your locks. Caressing your neck, they will want to explore more of your body if you let them. Those fingers will unbutton your blouse, or lift your top to find a way to your breasts. Undoing your bra, they will set your breasts free. The hands will cup your breasts. They will feel warm and soft against your skin. The fingers will find your nipples and bring them to hardness. They like to feel nipples growing hard from their touch.

Do you want more?

They will reach your buttocks, squeeze them, and pull you in close to my body. Can you feel my hardness against you? Let my hands help you out of your jeans, or let them slide up under your skirt. They will find your panties. What sort of panties have you worn for me today? Did you expect to go this far or are you caught up in the heat of the moment? Those fingers will rub you through the soft cloth of your panties. They will find your moisture seeping from your pussy. Pushing your panties aside, they will seek you out and reveal your secrets to me. Are you clean shaven or do you keep some of your curls? My fingers will tell me. Are you enjoying this? It feels like it from the amount of wetness that is leaking from your pussy.

Off with your panties, or maybe you weren't wearing any. You naughty girl.

Now my hands have unfettered access to your most private parts. My fingers can explore your pussy, slide between your moist lips, touch your waiting clit. A finger might enter you. How many would you like? One? Two? Three? More?? The choice is yours. How many can you handle? After that, my fingers could spread you open so I can pleasure you with my tongue and taste you. You do like oral sex, don't you?

My hands can grab your buttocks and pull you into position, hold your hips while you guide my cock into you. But their work isn't done yet. They will continue to explore your body while we fuck, squeezing your breasts, stroking your thighs, pulling your hair. And when I climax, my hands will be there, holding you tight while I fill you with my seed. And afterward, as we lay together, our energies spent, my fingertips will still be tracing lazy, idle patterns on your skin somewhere, still enjoying the softness of your body.

So, these are my hands. I hope you like them because I am sure that they would like you.

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Amorous Rocker said...

Very, very creative post! Hands are one of my favorite physical features. =) Happy HNT.

I Smile 2 Much said...

LUV this! I'm a *fan of hands too. Mmmmmm hmmm..... I luv good*yummy hands. I'll just stop here now. (giggle*giggle) Great post! Happy Sexy HNT 2 U ; D

Renee said...

Mmmm, very very nice.

I especially like the touching/tracing after everything is said and done. I love it when a man will do that.

The Covert Lover said...

Mmmm, great post!
Hands have always been one of my favorite features, but even if they weren't - they would be after reading that!


Paul B said...

Well done...I loved the narrative to go along with the pic. Great idea!

Sexy Duet said...

What a great idea for a HNT, you did that so well ;)

The pic is great, your hands look strong but I am sure they have a gentle touch too and the writing with the pic, wow!!!!

Happy HNT!


SeaRabbit said...

Wonderful photo... and the words go along so well...

Greg & Sheryl said...

Thanks for great picture and the wonderfully erotic text.

Vixen said...

You have great hands. Love your long fingers. :)


Helga Hansen said...

I think it's very important that a man have nice hands... I am sure yours will bring pleasure to many! HHNT!

Ro said...

You'll appreciate, I'm sure, that I'm not going to start fantasising about your hands doing any of what you wrote about ... but they look like a good, strong pair of hands nonetheless :)

Happy HNT!

Luka said...

I do like a man who's good with his hands...

Riff Dog said...

Wow! Very well done, sir! I'm half tempted to invite you over right now!

Polt said...

Nice hands, although I'd rather shake them than have them "touch my waiting clit". (Psst, gay man here). :)


Curvaceous Dee said...

Wow. Yes, I think I do like your hands :)

HHNT, xx Dee

Diana said...

Ooh I would love to feel those hands. This is an apple I could definitely bite a few times.

Adam Apple said...

Thanks AR, CL & I Smile 2 Much. I'm glad I could feature one of your favourites.

Renee- the touching afterwards can be one of the best bits.

Paul B-Thanks for your comments.

Ms SD- I'm glad you enjoyed it.

SeaRabbit & Greg & Sheryl- I appreciate your comments.

Vixen- you know what they say about men with long fingers? It's hard for them to find gloves that fit properly.

Thanks Helga, they already have.

Ro- I'm glad you are not fantasising.

Luka- That I am.

Riff Dog- Which half tempts you??

Polt- I'm not about to start searching for your clit anytime soon.

Dee- I know that you would.

Diana- Bite away. This apple awaits your sensuous mouth.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I don't think I've ever read anything like *that* before much less had hands touch me that way.

Oh my my my!

Happy belated HNT and nice hands!

Adam Apple said...

fairyflutters- do I sense a blush? If you haven't been touched like that before then you definitely need to meet my hands ;)

A. Secret said...

Oh those would work. That worked. Yes indeedy.

Adam Apple said...

A. Secret- I'm glad that worked for you ;)