Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #4

Here is Wednesday Weirdness for this week. I had a lot of fun with the questions today. If you would like to have some fun, too, then head on over to Isn't It Strange to join us.

1. What is the worst part about going down on the opposite sex?

Is there really a worst part to oral sex? If there is one thing that I really don't like it would be the same answer that I used yesterday in TMI, poor personal hygiene. I love oral sex and I love spending as much time as I can in pleasuring my partner, but if it ain't clean 'down there' then I'm not going to be all that keen to put my mouth near it.

2. What is something you want more of in your current relationship? (Or if you're not in one, something you wanted more of in your previous relationship.)
Definitely for Mrs A. to have a higher libido. At the moment she just doesn't want sex all that often, and when she does, it is just a 'quickie' in the dark in case the kids hear us.

3. What is something you want less of in your current relationship?
(Or if you're not in one, something you wanted more of in your previous relationship.)
Possibly a bit of nagging. Generally, Mrs A. is not too bad on the nagging side of things, but every now and then she gets a bee in her bonnet about something and will go on about it for days.

4. Have you ever had a sex dream that involved a cartoon or fictional character in it?
I can't say that I have. I have a lot of sex dreams (I wonder why?), but they always feature (star) people that I know. Never a fictional character or a cartoon. (Why does Marge Simpson keep popping into my mind? Definitely NOT a sexy woman!!)

5. Have you ever fantasized about a significant other's parent?
No. My Mother-in-Law is not an object of fantasy in anyone's language.

6. Where is the most public place you've ever masturbated?
How boring am I? I can't think of anywhere that I have masturbated other than in the privacy of my own home. No, wait! There was this one time when I was about 18 and I had a sleep over at my girlfriend's house after a night out. We fooled around a bit before retiring to our separate bedrooms. I was so worked up that I had a wank in the guest bathroom. That's about as public as I can think of.

7a. GIRLS: If a guy expressed his desire to wear a pair of your panties, what would your reaction be?
7b. GUYS: If a girl expressed her desire for you to wear a pair of her panties, what would your reaction be?
If she wanted me to then I would give it a go. Who knows where it may lead, and it may turn her on so much that I might get lucky.
8. How much is "too much" when it comes to Public Displays of Affection?
I guess it depends on where and when, and who is doing it. By that I mean I would find it more acceptable to see a couple making out, and even coping a feel, in a park than say a shopping centre or restaurant. And as for who is doing it, well it just looks more appropriate if it a young couple rather than someone of your parent or grandparents age. I just can't picture Grandad with his hand in Grandma's blouse, even if it is on the lawn at the retirement home!!


Mariposa said...

I agree on the hygiene...regardless if it's oral or not...making sure of one's hygiene speaks of how sensitive that person is towards the other party.

Amorous Rocker said...

Great great answers! =) Thanks for playing again!

The Covert Lover said...

Ha! Grandad with his hand in Grandma's blouse - definitely needs to be kept indoors!

Great Answers - Happy TMI! :)
(late I know)

Sexy Duet said...

I had to laugh at Marge Simpson, must be the blue hair :p

I keep forgetting to do this Wednesday, maybe I will play catch up over the weekend.