Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lead me not into temptation.

She wasn't supposed to have these thoughts. Normal people have these thoughts all the time, but she wasn't supposed to be normal. She was supposed to be above such things. Being a sister in a holy order meant living a life that was pure and chaste, so how come she was having these thoughts more and more often? Was it some kind of test? Or was it just a primal urge that everybody felt, but no-one was prepared to talk about? What ever it was, she was feeling it now and she knew that she was about to act on it and then suffer the guilt of self gratification.

It always happened after she had seen the gardener. They weren't allowed to talk to the hired help as frivolous chatter was forbidden. She just couldn't help herself and she found that she was attracted to him. He was young, had an easy going nature with an infectious smile, and strong, well tanned arms that filled the sleeves of his white t-shirts. As she walked around the grounds of the convent she found herself looking for him and hoping if she found him he would smile at her or even whisper a word of greeting. Today she had found him over near the Memorial Garden and as he trimmed the roses she had managed to catch his eye. She walked near him and he smiled and winked at her. She had felt herself blush and turned to walk away. It was then that she had caught a whiff of his masculine smell. It was the smell of his sweat mixed with an underlying trace of aftershave and muskiness. Her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies and her head became all light and giddy. She must have looked unsteady because he reached out and grabbed her arm. His strong grip on her bare forearm.
"Are you Okay?" he asked.
"Yes, I am fine." she murmured before pulling her arm away from him and running back into the safety of the convent, but not before getting one more sniff of his wonderful scent.

Now, in the cool, darkness of her room she thought about what might have been and recalled the attractive aroma of the man who had touched her. Again she felt the light headedness, and the warm feeling in her stomach spread quickly to her loins. The impure thoughts were rushing through her mind. She lay down on her bed before her legs collapsed from under her. Laying on her back with her knees bent, her skirt fell up around her thighs. Instead of pushing it down, she pulled it higher and ran her hands over her thighs. She knew this was wrong but she couldn't get the thoughts of the gardener out of her head. His strong grip on her arm and that wonderful, masculine smell.

She imagined him taking her to his garden shed. Why she would go with him she didn't know, but here she was, alone with him in this secluded spot. He grabbed her and pulled her close before he bent to kiss her while his hands held her hair. She felt helpless in his powerful arms. His lips crushed hers as he kissed her and she felt her knees buckle as her legs became weak. He caught her before she collapsed, and lifted her up, carrying her to a pile of empty sacks in the darkest corner of the shed. She lay on the sacks with him kneeling over her.

In her room, the fantasy had taken over her actions as well as her mind. Nothing else existed for this moment in time. Her hands pulled her blouse from her skirt, then slid up to her breasts and began to squeeze them and pinch her nipples. Waves of pleasure ran through her body and she pushed one hand between her legs and felt the warm wetness that had seeped from her body and on to her knickers. She pressed her fingers against the wet patch and felt more come flooding out. She moaned.

In the shed of her fantasy the gardener pulled at her blouse with his fingers which were still dirty from his work in the garden. He tore at the buttons and they popped off as he pulled the front of her blouse apart. Dirty finger marks stained the white fabric. He grabbed her bra and pushed it roughly up over her breasts, not bothering to undo the clasp. They were small and pale, and his big hands easily enveloped them as he kneaded and molded them. He leaned forward to kiss them and sucked the nipple of each firmly into his mouth as his tongue flicked over them. Then his hands pushed up her skirt.

On the bed in her room she had already pushed her hand into her pants and run it through her curls which were drenched with her juices. The other hand stayed on her breast and teased at her hard nipple. In her pants a finger slipped between her moist lips and slowly moved back and forth. She opened her legs wider and her movements became more pronounced. Her finger entered her pussy, just a little way at first, not really sure if it should be there, but it didn't take long until it had entered her fully and was thrusting back and forth. Then a second finger joined it.

The fantasy gardener was now kneeling between her legs. Her skirt was pushed up around her thighs revealing her white cotton briefs. His big hands grabbed the flimsy material and tore it open. He tossed her now useless knickers to one side. She wanted to close her legs and hide herself from his gaze, but found she was incapable of movement. She was completely at his mercy. He looked at her sex, a nest of dark curls with a hint of pink flesh showing through. His fingers pulled her pubic hair apart and explored her soft, moist folds. Big fingers opened her up and slid into her, her own moisture allowing him to do so. He fingered her for a few minutes and then pulled his fingers out. He unbuttoned the front of his bib and brace overalls and let them fall down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock stuck stiffly out from under his T-shirt. She couldn't tear her eyes away from it. It looked so big and hard, and she could see it throbbing as he took it in one hand. He leaned over her and using his hand he guided his cock into her pussy. She felt it slide in and was surprised that she was able to take him all. Then he began to thrust it into her.

In her bedroom, both hands were now in her pants. The finger from one hand flicked furiously over her wet, swollen clit while two fingers from her other hand slid up and down her cunt. She could hear the wet noises they made as she finger fucked herself. That sound alone was enough to get her off without the need to touch her clit, but she just couldn't help herself. She loved the waves of pleasure that swept through her body and carried her to a place she knew she would never go.

He continued to fuck her. Long, slow, powerful strokes of his cock in her pussy. He was leaning on one elbow and his free hand continue to roam across her body. It squeezed her breast, pinched her nipple, and rubbed across her hip and down her thigh. His thrusts became quicker and suddenly she orgasmed. Waves of pleasure ran over her and her pussy clenched around his cock, but he didn't cease his fucking. He continued to push his cock into her, pull it almost all the way out, and then ram it in again. Again and again he did it, harder and faster with no let up. She came again, and then a third time. Each time was more intense than the time before and she felt as though she couldn't last through another one. Just as she felt a fourth climax building, her lover reached his own release. His cock seemed to grow at the moment of release as he buried in deep within her. It exploded and pulsated, pumping his come into her core. She could feel it like a beast in her loins as it purged itself of it's seed. He lay on top of her for a few minutes while his breathing and heart beat came back under control. His cock was starting to shrink and she could feel the empty void where it had just been. He pulled out and rolled off her, and his come, mingled with her juices began to trickle down across her buttocks. He buttoned his overalls and left without saying a word. He always did that in her fantasy and she wouldn't have it any other way. Anything he said would just spoil the moment.

She had also brought herself to a climax in her room. She had been through this fantasy before in other moments of weakness. Her skillful fingers knew just how to arouse her body and bring her to this point. As her back arched and her hips rose off the bed a small cry and gasp escaped her lips. Nothing to loud or someone else may hear. Her thighs clamped around her hands and she felt the pulsations on her fingers. As they died away, reality came creeping back into her mind and she realized what she had done. Once again she had been weak and given in to the pleasures of the flesh. Once again she would have to seek forgiveness in the confessional and pay her penance with the rosary. She removed her wet briefs and replaced them with a fresh pair before straightening her clothing. She washed her hands and then headed down to the church. Might as well get a head start on the prayers. This would be the last time, she swore to herself, but she knew it was only a matter of time before she succumbed to the gardener again.


The Covert Lover said...

An erotic nun always makes for a great story. :)

Adam Apple said...

CL- I had intended her to be a nun in training but I could find the right picture.