Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #3

Wednesday Weirdness once again and this week it takes the form of filling in the blank spaces in the following sentences. Sounds like a bit of fun. If you want to join in then click HERE to see what it is all about, and who else has played this week. My answers are in italics.

1.) I get angriest at work when a co-worker doesn't do their share of the work. Sometimes, that makes me just want to slap them in the face and tell them how lazy they are. Instead, I tend to just mind my own business and hope that the boss notices who is carrying who.

2.) (Hypothetical scenario.) I was walking through the supermarket one day and saw a bottle of chocolate ice cream topping. I realized that instead of eating it, a better use for it would be to coat certain parts of a lady's anatomy and then lick it off.

3.) Three things that relax me more than anything are the afterglow of sex , a warm bath and a soft, comfortable bed.

4.) My favorite two things to do with my hands are undressing my lover and exploring my lover's body. My two least favorite things to do with my hands are washing dishes and cleaning out gutters .

5.) I always dreamed about owning a tropical island or a mansion with ocean views but never have had the money to pay for either of them.

6.) If I were starving and needed to buy something to eat, I would sell my computer, my football membership (not that it is probably worth much at the present moment) and anything else of value at a Pawn Shop to get cash to buy food.


Valyna said...

Our #1 is pretty similar ;)

And yes, cleaning gutters SUCKS.

Happy Weds!

Adam Apple said...

Valyna- Thanks for leaving a comment. It is nice to hear from you again.

Amorous Rocker said...

#1... oh yes! I hate that. I want to own a tropical island too. That would rock. =)

Adam Apple said...

AR- If I ever get a tropical island I promise I will let you come and live on it.